Riverfront project to continue

The Tiffin Riverfront Development LLC project continues forward following a decision made by the Tiffin City Zoning Board of Appeals Tuesday afternoon.

Florida-based developer and entrepreneur Eduardo Hernando submitted an application requesting a variance to increase the maximum building height from six stories (75-feet) to nine-stories (103-feet). In addition, Hernando also submitted an application to request the reduction of front, rear and side yard setbacks from 68-feet to 0-feet and to increase the maximum number of allowable units from 63 to 111 and for a building to be located at 15 E. Market St.

The board approved all of the variances at a 3-0 vote with Zoning Board members Bob Williams, Rob Mack and Greg Dell voting in favor and David Martin against.

Chair Dennis Eberly is the fifth member of the board, but due to a conflict of interest, recused himself from the decision.

According to the design plans, Hernando said the entire building project is not going to be entirely 103-feet, but will be varying heights stepping up from 43-feet with a small section at 103-feet.

“The perception here is that the project being proposed is to be a huge skyscraper, and that is not what is happening here,” Hernando said. “I wanted something that would enhance the skyline.”

Hernando said the highest sections of the project will be located away from Market Street, “to not make a feel of entering into a canyon,” he said.

“Every decision made in this project has been taken seriously, with much pride,” Hernando said.

The project is to include a full-service hotel, condominiums and creative lofts. The project is to also include a restaurant lobby and bar, conference space for events, banquets and weddings, as well as a rooftop bar and restaurant.

Hernando said the project is a way to help young families came and live in Tiffin and as a way to provide many opportunities for Tiffin now and the future.

Tiffin community members spoke out in opposition of the requested variance, indicating the board is setting a precedent for the future.

John Huss said there is a master plan and city ordinances in place, and why deviate from them.

John Kerschner – on behalf of Andrew Kalnow – said the development of a high-rise building will change the look and character of the downtown and hide the Joint Justice Center.