Putting skills to use

Last week, students in the health care program at Sentinel Vocational Center practiced proper techniques by placing linens on all 95 beds at The Willows. Instructors Sandy Reinhart and Lecia Wadsworth said more than half of their 49 students participated.

“They were thrilled to have 95 beds to make, and we were thrilled not to have to make them,” Janelle Ray said.

At Sentinel, students have a fully equipped lab for leaning their skills, but projects like this incorporate community service, as well. Reinhart and Wadsworth said their program gives students a “head start” for any medical career they select.

“They get medical terminology, anatomy, anything you would use in a health care career,” Wadsworth said.

“Our kids go on and get jobs or a lot of them go on to college. They’re very successful, and a lot of those students then come back to our area and are working,” Reinhart noted. “We do fulfill a need in the community, with the program.”