Hawkes Crystal releases 44th limited edition Christmas ornament

Hawkes Crystal has released its 2019 Limited Edition Christmas Ornament, making it the 44th limited edition Christmas ornament to be released by the Tiffin crystal shop.

Aidan Scully, sole proprietor of Hawkes Crystal, said the ornament is called The Holly and the Berry and features hand-cut holly and snowflakes accented by swirls of green, red and white.

Scully said he and his apprentice, Aaron Gooding, a Columbian High School graduate, produce each ornament.

“Between blowing and cutting, each one takes about three-quarters of an hour,” Scully said.

Scully, who designs the ornaments each year, said production of the ornaments is in the hundreds and increases gradually each year as demand for them also increases. The demand, he said, goes far beyond Tiffin. Some ornaments have been shipped as far as Japan, Spain and Ireland, Scully said.

“And they go all over the United States,” he said. “There’s Tiffin people all over the place.”

“People are passionate for the ornaments,” Scully said.

Heather Keohane, shop manager of Hawkes Crystal, said the passion for the ornaments is what makes them a neat tradition for families each year.

Each family has its own story, with some spanning several generations, Keohane said.

“Older people have had them handed down and now they’re handing them down to their kids,” she said.

Keohane said one customer, a grandmother, has purchased one for her grandson every year since he was born. Other customers include a husband and wife who have gotten a limited edition ornament every year since the beginning of their marriage and a Texas woman who purchases one every year for each of her 16 grandchildren.

“Hundreds of people have had this tradition. That’s what I think is so cool,” Keohane said.

“For most people, somebody in their family has worked in the industry,” Keohane said. “Somehow there’s some kind of tie to glass, economically and professionally.

They appreciate it, and it’s an appreciation that the average kind of town doesn’t have.”

Scully said The Holly and the Berry is $45 and can be ordered in person at Hawkes Crystal, online or by calling the shop.

“We do ship out of the country,” Scully said.

Along with Christmas ornaments, Hawkes Crystal also does a lot of restoration work and custom windows and doors, Scully said.

“Right now, we’re working with the Henry Ford Museum,” Scully said.

The shop is restoring pieces of the main chandelier in the ballroom, he said. The chandelier is more than 100 years old, Scully said, and he and Gooding are some of only a few craftsmen in the country who are able to assist in reproducing the pieces.

Hawkes Crystal also is making a hand-cut crystal window for one of the most famous bar and restaurants in Seneca County, Scully said.