Township officials explain their views

PHOTO BY JILL GOSCHE Dennis Baugher (from left), Dennis Kingseed, Vernon Morter and Julie Vogel, representing townships, participate in Candidates Night on Wednesday.

Township trustee and fiscal officer candidates shared their thoughts during Candidates Night at Tiffin Middle School Wednesday.

Dennis Baugher and Dennis Kingseed are seeking seats as Clinton Township trustees; Vernon Morter is seeking a seat as an Eden Township trustee; and Julie Vogel is seeking to be named Eden Township’s fiscal officer.

Baugher said he had spent 24 years as a township trustee and had assisted with road department tasks, such as plowing snow and dealing with drainage issues.

Baugher is a lifelong resident of Clinton Township.

Township trustee is considered a full-time position, he said.

Kingseed said he spent 12 years as a township trustee, farms and has plowed snow for the township.

He said one of his long-term goals is to set ditches back. Roads have gotten wider, and there is more traffic on roads than there used to be, he said.

Morter said he has been a trustee for four years. He said he has helped on the farm his entire life, and his father was a trustee for many years.

Morter said he thinks most of the township’s roads are in decent shape.

“We have to keep up on drainage,” he said.

Vogel said she was brought into the position 16 years ago.

She said the township is in negotiations with Sycamore Volunteer Fire Department. The Rover pipeline came through the township a couple of years ago and now has been completed, she said.

Eden Township historically has been a financially responsible township, she said.