Mohawk BOE meets new service dog

Angie McGinnis introduces Jarvis to the Mohawk BOE.

SYCAMORE — Jarvis, a 10-month old Labrador puppy, was introduced to the Mohawk Board of Education Monday evening. Jarvis was raised by inmates before entering the service dogs in training program. Jarvis has visiting all elementary classrooms and has been well received by the students. Time with the dog has become a reward for the Positive Behavior Initiative. Students have formed a water brigade responsible for providing fresh water for Jarvis each day. The dog is scheduled to remain with Angie McGinnis, elementary guidance counselor, until the end of the school year.

Elementary principal Tami Wallace reviewed the many visitors who have brought special programs to the students. Students have enjoyed COSI on Wheels, received training on how to handle the American flag from the Veterans Council, met the Sycamore fire department and learned about pioneer life from the Log Cabin Ladies.

The board and the teachers’ association added a memorandum of understanding to the master agreement which emphasizes the importance of coaches and advisors having their pupil activity permits prior to start of their seasons.

The board signed an agreement with Lourdes University to accept student teachers.

Winter sports supplemental contracts were approved for Amanda Hoover, HS cheerleading advisor; Wesley Smith, eighth grade boys’ basketball; Tonya Trusty, 8th grade girls’ basketball; Bo Trusty, seventh grade boys’ basketball; Rick Ekleberry, freshman boys’ basketball; Drew Desjardin, assist wrestling coach; and Eric Daniel and Zach Hawkins, weight room.

The Board hired Danielle Lange as a teacher’s aide and granted a leave of absence to Paul Dunn, starting in March 2020. A list of substitute teachers was approved.

Donations from the Music Boosters were accepted giving $800 to the band, $1,416 to HS vocal music and $250 to the elementary music program.

The November board meeting has been rescheduled due to board members attending the Capital Conference. The Board is to meet at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 19.

The board adjourned to executive session to discuss the purchase or sale of property. No action was taken.