Tiffin City Council honors the loss of councilmen

All reflected on the memories and loss of Council President Mark Hayes and Councilman Jim Roberts Monday during the meeting of Tiffin City Council.

Mayor Aaron Montz, who was in Japan last week, encouraged the entire room to join him in a moment of silence to honor both the highly respected men.

In addition, council approved and read resolutions mourning the loss of Hayes and Roberts.

Moving forward, Councilman Rich Focht was approved to serve as council president (Focht was approved as council president pro tempore – which would result him to then become council president automatically as stated within the Tiffin Charter) and Councilman Tyler Shuff was approved to serve as council president pro tempore. Focht is to serve as president until Dec. 31, council will then need to approve another council president depending on the results of the November election, which Focht’s term is up for reelection.

According to David Koehl, chairman of the Seneca County Republican Party, because Roberts was elected as a Republican, the Tiffin members of the Republican Central Committee will have 30 days to select his replacement of the vacancy last Friday. This is by the Tiffin Charter, section 3.08 and Article X.

“We have a 10 day meeting notice in our bylaws after it is postmarked, so the meeting will be in about two weeks from now,” Koehl had said.

During his reports, Montz reflected on his trip to Japan.

Montz said the trip was “very positive overall and a great experience.”

During his time, Montz said he and the other members made many connections and contacts they plan to follow-up with over the next weeks and month.

This Thursday is the next Third Thursday in Downtown Tiffin. This event will be the Taste of Tiffin and will have area restaurants set up in the Tiffin-Seneca Public Library parking lot starting at 5 p.m.

Then Saturday and Sunday is the 2019 annual Tiffin-Seneca Heritage Festival.

In another matter, council approved the following resolutions and ordinances,

• Resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and to authorize the necessary tax levies and to certify them to the Seneca County Auditor.

• Ordinance to authorize the Mayor to accept temporary and permanent easements for sewer and highway improvements with the SR-18 transportation alternatives for the E. Market and E. Perry Street Streetscape project.

• Ordinance to authorize the Mayor to accept a permanent easement for sanitary sewer purposes to serve the Tiffin Mall.

Council also scheduled a Committee of the Whole meeting for 4 p.m. Sept. 30 to discuss the Storm Water and Sewer Management project.