Seneca County Fair Board swears in new board members

Swearing in board members was on top agenda as the Seneca County Fair Board met Sept. 10. Randy Gittinger, Ron Hoover, Bruce Henney, Anna Hamer, Aaron Howell and Rod Daniel were sworn in by standing to recite an oath to the board. Next up was voting for the election of officers. By majority vote, Bruce Henney is president, Brian Staib is vice president, Pam Shock is secretary and Anna Hamer is treasurer. These changes will take effect in next month’s meeting. The last of the voting came to an end by filling the three open positions on the board. Board members voted David Hufford, Kelly Cook and Cory Zoeller to fill those vacancies.

Regarding next year’s fair week, it was discussed to keep the same admission cost at $7, and it was also approved to request the fair dates, July 27 to Aug. 2, and fair funds from the state. Upcoming event happening at the fairgrounds is the fall derby. This will take place on Sept. 28 beginning at 5pm and the admission is $10. This cost was discussed and agreed to decrease from the previous year of $15. One guest that joined the meeting was John Schupp. Schupp is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry within the Forensic Science department at Tiffin University. He shared an idea that would involve the use of the fairgrounds. Schupp would like to use the fairgrounds for an active shooter scenario. At this time this is still in discussion among the board members and if approved upon will occur sometime in spring.