Mohawk district sees real estate increase, grant money for wellness

SYCAMORE — Treasurer Rhonda Feasel had good news for the Mohawk Board of Education at Monday evening’s meeting. There has been an increase in real estate tax revenues.

Certificates of deposit have been rolled over with interest accrued returned to the General Fund. Appropriations for school year 2019-20 will be set once the final reports from the state have been received.

Feasel reported progress is being made in recouping outstanding debts to the Cafeteria Fund. Seven of the nine families have made arrangements to settle their debt through monthly payment plans. The two families who have not responded will be taken to small claims court. Feasel also reported that summer school cost the district $10,000. which included breakfast, instruction and materials.

The district is looking at options to allocate $109,000 of grant money for student wellness and success. Plans include adding a third day for a counselor, a student liaison and extending the PBIS program to the high school.

The board accepted a donation of $500 from Oggs Construction for the wrestling program.

High school principal Mark Vehre said one of his goals for this year is to increase leadership opportunities. He anticipates Mohawk students becoming involved in community programs. Elementary Principal Tami Wallace explained the district is using the iReady program for diagnostic testing in place of the MAP tests used in past years. Ninety-eight percent of the students have completed the testing and have started individual instruction.

Mohawk school welcomed a new therapy dog in training. Jarvis is a 9-month-old yellow lab.

John Massara was hired as student liaison, who is to serve as a mentor to students. Massara is an experienced teacher, administrator and special education supervisor. He will be available to students throughout the school day. Grant money is to cover the classified position.

Maintenance Director Tim Davidson announced his department is to remove student desks from some of the high school classrooms, replacing them with flat top tables which are more suitable for Chromebooks. The district is looking to selling excess desks.

A contract with North Central Educational Service Center was approved to provide behavior consultant services. The Center for Autism and Dyslexia in Findlay is to provide services for two students.

In personnel matters, supplemental contracts were approved for musical directors; one-year contracts were approved for substitute teachers and aides; and teachers and aides were hired for Saturday school.

The board said it is impractical to transport parochial student to Tiffin Calvert Schools, and the district will be offering payment in lieu of transportation.

A memorandum of understand with the Mohawk Education Association was approved to add an evaluation tool for the librarian position to the master agreement.

The FFA received permission to attend Greenhand Camp Oct.6 and the national convention in Indiana Oct. 31.

The board adjourned to executive session to discuss the development of an evaluation tool for the superintendent’s position.


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