Local art gallery owner turns book idea into reality

Pictured are the cast members of “Don’t Feed the Wildlife.” From left, Matthew BeeBe, Ryan Poignon, Chad Miller, Austin Babidson, Adam Killgore and Matt Reino.

A local gallery owner has taken an idea for a new book — 15-years in the making — and made it a reality.

Ryan Poignon of the Poignon Project is set to release his new and second book “Don’t Feed the Wildlife” from 1-5 p.m. on Oct. 26 during a release party at the Tiffin Brewery, 277 Wall St.

Poignon said he first came up with the idea when he was 19.

“This is not just a book but an art project for me,” Poignon said. “Through this vivid imagery, this is a creative way to tell a good story.”

The release party will feature readings from the book and a chance to meet all the characters.

The book chronicles the findings of a lock box found in the ceiling of the gallery on May 20 during a renovation. The box contained information, photos and hard evidence from a historical investigation that took place in the area on Oct. 5, 1985 involving a park ranger and his first day on the job.

The book — a work of fiction — documents the strange and wild events that occured that year in 1985 and reveals the truth behind a 34-year-old mystery.

Poignon’s first book, “If You Do Nothing You Are Nothing,” was released in April 2016 and featured motivational quotes and chronicled his artwork.

This is the fourth year the Poignon Project has been in service.

“Each year I’ve tried to do things that are bigger than myself,” Poignon said.

Poignon has gotten more involved with his glass blowing work, which with the holiday season approaching is in high demand for presents and ornaments.

Poignon has taken his work to glass shows around the country and has many other book ideas he has planned for the future.

Those interested can pre order now until Sept. 22 and get a copy for only $10. After October 1st books will cost $15. With your pre order you will receive a limited edition signed and numbered print featured in “Don’t Feed the Wildlife.”

Everyone that pre-orders a copy of the book will have their names published in the end credits of the book

Pre-order & picture dates:

The Poignon Project- Sept. 21 and 22.

Jubilee Go Music and Art Fest- Sept. 27 and 28, located at Indian Trail Camp, New London.

To pre-order, visit The Poignon Project, located at 227 E. Perry St. or call (419) 618-6429 or visit dontfeedthewildlife.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-dont-feed-the-wildlife.