Council President Mark Hayes dies in sleep


The president of Tiffin City Council, who was serving as acting mayor while Mayor Aaron Montz is in Japan, has died.

Mark Hayes, 63, who had been on Tiffin City Council since being appointed in September 1999 and was an employee of North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, died in his sleep overnight Monday to Tuesday, according to the city of Tiffin and NCOESC.

In a release, Montz said he was devastated to hear of Hayes’ tragic passing.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark my entire tenure on council, and he has played a significant role since I was elected as Mayor. I will sorely miss his knowledge, humor, friendship and sage advice,” he said.

Hayes had served as the announcer for Calvert Catholic Schools athletic events since 2012 and had performed the duty at a volleyball match Monday evening.

Paul Shoemaker, Calvert’s athletic director, said he had talked to Hayes for 20 minutes about how excited he was for another year, and he couldn’t wait for Tuesday’s game against Willard at Heidelberg University.

This is Calvert’s homecoming week.

Shoemaker said he never had to call Hayes to see if he was going to be at Calvert.

“(I) knew that when we had a game scheduled, Mark Hayes was going to be here to do the announcing of it,” he said.

Shoemaker said it didn’t take Hayes long to train him to ensure officials’ names were written on rosters. He did a great job representing Calvert and the things people there stand for, he said.

Shoemaker said Hayes had great compassion for Calvert’s students and loved Calvert.

“He was the voice of the Senecas. … (He was) one of the best, for sure,” he said.

Hayes had been employed by NCOESC and was a one-to-one aide for an Old Fort Local School District student.

In an email to employees, Superintendent Jim Lahoski said Hayes had been an important part of the NCOESC family.

“Mark was a model NCOESC employee who was very caring and positive,” Lahoski told them. “He has been a true role model for both students and staff.”

Lahoski said Hayes was an amazing individual and a well-liked person whose evaluations were outstanding. Tuesday was a sad day, and it’s going to be a loss for a lot of people, he said.

According to information from the city of Tiffin, flags at City Hall are to be flown at half staff until after Hayes’ funeral.

Councilman Rich Focht took the oath of council’s president pro tempore, City Administrator Dale Thornton said.