Agrati announces $4 million investment at Tiffin plant

The Agrati Group, a global manufacturer of fasteners for automotive companies, has completed an investment of $4 million in industrial machinery and equipment at the Airport Industrial Park facility in Tiffin, according to a news release from Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership.

The project has been ongoing this year, and the release said the company is considering additional investment next year. Agrati employs 66 people locally.

This year, the release said Agrati has been working with National Machinery to purchase a new Formax cold former to expand capacity. The company also worked with Arnold Machine Inc. of Tiffin to purchase custom assembly machinery.

In 2018, the release said Agrati invested $1.6 million in industrial machinery, equipment and renovations to its facility in addition to adding 10 jobs. Last year, the company produced more than 177 million fasteners and shipped 10,000 orders globally. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors are Agrati Tiffin’s top two customers.

The Tiffin plant, previously Jacobson Manufacturing, was acquired by the Agrati Group in 2016. It is now one of 12 Agrati production facilities worldwide. Two are in Ohio. The facility primarily focuses on cold forming, tapping and thread rolling auto and truck wheel nuts as well as a variety of tubular products and highly engineered safety restraint components produced through automated welding and assembly. The facility was last expanded in 2013 with the addition of a 40,000-square-foot building.

“Agrati is very committed to its operations in Tiffin and plans to continue to grow and invest here in the coming years,” said Agrati Plant Manager Casey Poignon in the release.