Two Columbian students to play at Toledo Youth Symphony

Two Columbian High School students are able to play with the Toledo Youth Symphony in four performances this season.

Brian Edmond, trombone, and Bennett Ramsdell, tuba, auditioned in May and learned of the results at the start August.

Each had to learn and perform a technical piece and lyrical piece.

“I was really excited and to be able to do something outside of Tiffin,” Edmond said. “It’s great to be able to step forward and do something else other than marching band.”

Rehearsals are to start Aug. 26 with the first performance in November.

Edmond and Ramsdell have been involved with music since a young age.

“Music has always been a pretty big part of my life,” Ramsdell said.

Ramsdell’s mother and father are involved in music at Heidelberg University.

Ramsdell said he started performing in band in fifth grade and got more involved with the tuba in eighth grade.

Edmond and Ramsdell have career aspirations of performing in an orchestra and maybe performing as part of a film score.

Ramsdell said he would love to be a part of a military band or jazz band.

Ramsdell recently took part in Heidelberg’s Concert Choir’s trip to Europe this summer.

“There is more than just Tiffin,” Edmond said of taking his self out of the box and trying something outside his comfort zone.

“The worst thing that could happen is you try out and not get it,” Ramsdell said.