TU’s new Ph.D. program draws full class for fall

Kenneth Rauch

Classes are set to start for Tiffin University’s first Ph.D. program today, and the program has a full class for the fall term.

The program was designed and developed with adult professionals in mind, Kenneth Rauch, director of the Ph.D. program, said.

TU allows students to continue working in a managerial or academic career and pursue Ph.D. studies.

“Tiffin University recognizes the challenges facing individuals in leadership roles in today’s business and that they have often been excluded by the traditional delivery of Ph.D. programs and extensive residency requirements within these programs,” Rauch said.

He said he developed the program to make sure students have confidence and knowledge to become changers in the world.

“This program is to help students be more aware of the differences in culture,” he said.

The degree, Global Leadership and Change, is to start its first students online.

According to Rauch, students are to attend three weekend residencies on the Tiffin campus while completing the program.

A residency is a two-day gathering of active Ph.D. students on TU’s campus.

The university has begun to accept applications for spring semester beginning in January.

“This program is the culmination of our focus on Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness at TU,” President Lillian Schumacher said. “Whether it be an undergraduate degree or now a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change, we have global diversity at the core of who we are and I’m so proud of our accomplishments.”

For information about starting Ph.D. studies in January, email Rauch at rauchk@tiffin.edu.