Attica Veterans Memorial plans now in the works

American Legion Post 260 Commander Jim Schumacher and a small team have been working with Attica Village Council, Sutton Bank and Perfection Landscaping & Greenhouse to create a plan for a memorial to honor Attica’s past, current and future military veterans, a release written by American Legion Post 260 member Jim Ludban states.

With the help of Sutton Bank and the Attica Village Council, Schumacher and fellow Legion member Jim Alt selected a location just north of Village Hall in Attica and were able to acquire it as the site for the memorial, the release states.

Schumacher and Alt then began consulting Laurie Risner of Perfection Landscape and Greenhouse in New Washington for ideas regarding the future memorial.

Schumacher is quoted in the release, saying, “We have spent about two years soliciting other people’s ideas to arrive at this vision of what our memorial could look like.”

Schumacher and Alt hoped that the proposed memorial could be constructed to represent a variety of facets of the history of the veterans of Attica’s service, such as a wall of honor with veterans’ names, an arrangement of service flags, benches, pavers, a POW memorial, the Soldier’s Battlefield Cross, a pavilion, lighting, a mural, and a fence, the release states.

Alt is also quoted in the release, saying, “We think that each of these elements of our memorial can be opportunities for people to donate or sponsor in memory of their veteran loved ones.”

“The memorial is actually an investment in our community,” Alt said in the release.

Schumacher said that the intention is to construct the memorial in such a manner that would allow for future additions, the release states. He is also adamant that the design require as little maintenance as possible in the future, it states.

Although the specific costs of building such a memorial are not yet certain, the release states, Schumacher, Alt and Risner have established a target of raising $150,000 to fund the project. Schumacher stated in the release, “We view the project as a work-in-progress and recognize that we may need to build it out in phases as funding becomes available. We also plan to raise enough funds to maintain the memorial as needed.”

“It is a big undertaking, but we believe that the results will justify the effort,” Schumacher said in the release.

The release states that there is currently an account set up at Sutton Bank in Attica which can accept donations to the Attica Veterans Memorial project, and Schumacher, Alt and Risner are planning to have fundraisers to collect more donations and raise awareness about the project.

The group is also looking for more volunteers to help with the ongoing effort, it states.

The Attica Sons of the American Legion have contributed $5,000 to start the process of building the memorial, it states.

For more information about the Attica Veterans Memorial project, to make a contribution or to share ideas about the project with the people involved, contact Jim Schumacher at (419) 706-7131, Jim Alt at (419) 564-0430 or Laurie Risner at (419) 512-7164.