Attica Fair results, Aug. 12

PHOTO BY BRET NYE First (left and center) and second-place finishers in the Mr. Potato Head contest, part of the Farm Projects - Veggie Heads competition on display at the Attica Independent Fair Saturday.

Irene Martin

Service Award

Michele Weaver, Attica.


of Directors

Term Expiring Oct. 31, 2021: Brian Bischoff, Thompson.

Term Expiring Oct. 2019: Courtney Stockmaster, Adams; Derek Beat, Hopewell; Josh Drown, Liberty; Nathan Snavely, Pleasant; Tim Heibertshausen, Venice.

Pig Scramble


Ages 6-7: Adelyn Barnett; Elyse Boes; Bentley Cole; Emerson Hoyda.

Ages 8-9: Tayah Bumb; Hanna Featheringill; Nevelle Martin; Ellery Ruffing; Avery Schwab; Lilly Stockmaster; Haleigh Zellner.

Ages 10-11: Ashlyn Giles; Nora Kelley; Ella Martin; Ava Newman; Alexa Snay; Izzy Stockmaster.

Ages 12-13: Braelynn Bollinger; Ella Foos; Carmen Schreiner.


Ages 6-7: Brady Cole; Teddy Colvin; Blake Featheringill; Nolan Kelley; Nash Miller; Lucas Pifher.

Ages 8-9, Class 1: Aiden Barnett; Devin Bischoff; Jaron Depinet; Quinton Mahl.

Ages 8-9, Class 2: Drew Newman; Brody Pritchard; Jackson Schoen; Ryly Stacklin; Lucas Sumner.

Ages 10-11: Brady Bloom; Keeton Bour; Austin Link; Logan Price; Gage Sumner; Jack Ziegler.

Ages 12-13: Grant Adams; Jake Bowerman; Laine Dixon; Rees Kuhn.

Stylish Designs Revue

Sundresses and Jumpers: 1st, Jordyn Enders, Republic RowdyRednecks; 2nd, Ellie Vanderveen, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Sew Fun: 1st, Cammie Dorris, Roots and Wings.

Fun With Clothes: 1st, Jordyn Enders; 2nd, Baylee Prenzlin, Dandelion Dreams.

Clothes for Middle School: 1st, Alexis Margraf, Republic RowdyRednecks.

Em-bel-lish: 1st, Audrey Melton, Dandelion Dreams; 2nd, Gayle Shoemaker, Dandelion Dreams.

Dress Up Outfit: 1st, Lillyan Jones, Republic RowdyRednecks.

Sewing and Textiles: 1st, Madalyn Daniel, Eastern County Livestock.

Clothing for Your Career: 1st, Cynder Jameson, 4-H Guys and Gals.

Best Overall Outfit: Alexis Margraf.

Modeling Contest

Junior: Jordyn Enders.

Intermediate: Madalyn Daniel.

Senior: Lillyan Jones.

Beef Breeding


Junior Heifer: 1st, Seth Biglin, Attica Dairy.

Senior Heifer: 1st, Emma Gurney, Seneca East FFA.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st, Emma Gurney.

Champion: Emma Gurney.

Reserve: Emma Gurney.

Breeding, Crossbred

Junior Heifer: 1st, Wyatt Holman, Seneca East FFA; 2nd, Ella Martin, Republic Rowdy Rednecks.

Summer Yearling Heifer: 1st, Emma Burnside, Circle E Beef; 2nd, Case Bogner, Eastern County Livestock.

Champion: Emma Burnside with Summer Yearling

Heifer; Reserve: Wyatt Holman with Junior Heifer.

Overall Champion: Emma Burnside.

Reserve: Emma Gurney.

Market Steers, Champions

Dairy Steer: Chelsey Depinet, Seneca County Jr. Beef; Reserve: Brycen Lantz, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Beef Steer: Morgan Cleveland, Spirit of ’76; Reserve: Ella Martin.

Overall: Morgan Cleveland; Reserve: Chelsey Depinet.

Seneca County

Cattleman’s Locally Grown

1st, Morgan Cleveland (Breeder: Bret Cleveland); 2nd, Coy Fredritz (Breeder: John Stockmeister).

Beef Breeding/

Steer Showmanship

Junior: 1st, Sayge Miller, Eastern County Livestock; 2nd, Jett Loesser, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; 3rd, Trey Miller, Eastern County Livestock.

Intermediate: 1st, Emma Burnside; 2nd, Caden Bumb, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; 3rd, Cheyenne Belcher, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Senior: 1st, Morgan Cleveland; 2nd, Chelsey Depinet; 3rd, Jacob Daniel, Seneca East FFA.

Super: 1st, Emma Burnside; 2nd, Morgan Cleveland; 3rd, Kim Tuck, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Skills Test

Beginner: 1st, Ella Martin.

Intermediate: 1st, Caden Bumb.

Senior: 1st, Morgan Cleveland.



Beef Feeders: Mitchell Scheiber, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; Reserve: Coy Fredritz.

Dairy Feeders: Kim Tuck; Reserve: Justin Dentinger, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Dairy/Beef Feeders: Katrina Kagy, Seneca East FFA; Reserve: Grant Shook, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.


Junior: 1st, Logan Snavely, Republic Rowdy Rednecks; 2nd, Ella Martin; 3rd, Clayton Fredritz, Bloomville Good Luck Sheep.

Intermediate: 1st, Mitchell Scheiber; 2nd, Lantz Snavely; 3rd, Coy Fredritz.

Senior: 1st, Karsyn Bour, Bloomville Beef and Feeders; 2nd, Katrina Kagy; 3rd, Kim Tuck.

Super: 1st, Logan Snavely; 2nd, Emma Gurney; 3rd, Morgan Cleveland.

Skills Test

Beginner: 1st, Camryn Lantz, Bloomville Beef and Feeders.

Intermediate: 1st, Mitchell Scheiber.

Senior: 1st, Morgan Cleveland.