Wyandot County Courthouse gets new corner garden

Wyandot County Courthouse's new corner garden, put together by donations and volunteers from the Upper Sandusky and Wyandot County communities, features two original pillar pieces from the old courthouse, a repainted sign in addition to the newer courthouse sign, and a curated selection of flowers and landscaping to help preserve the courthouse lawn in style.

A dedication ceremony took place Thursday afternoon for a new garden corner at the Wyandot County courthouse in Upper Sandusky.

Janice Woods, a business owner and resident of Upper Sandusky, spearheaded the courthouse corner project and was in charge of choosing and planting the flowers and picking out the rock for the centerpiece, among her other work on the corner garden.

Regarding the rock in the center of the corner tableau, with “Wyandot 1845” etched onto it to signify the creation of Wyandot County, Woods told a tale of difficulty in finding the perfect stone.

“We knew it was going to be the focal point of the whole thing, so it was important to find the perfect rock,” she said.

“We searched at Kirbys Sand and Gravel, who wanted to donate the rock, but after six tries we still couldn’t find the right one. And then we started just driving through the country, trying to find a perfect fit.”

The journey to find the right rock finally ended, after many offers of donations and effort on the behalf of various Upper Sandusky and area residents, in Paul Wagner’s front yard.

“We stopped at the house and asked Paul, who owns Wyandot Motor Sales, if we could buy the rock, which was in his front garden. He said that we couldn’t buy it, but he instead insisted that he would like to donate it to the courthouse project. He even said he would deliver it himself,” Woods said, “which he did.”

The corner tableau includes two pillar pieces from the original Wyandot County Courthouse, found in a resident’s home and bought by the County Board of Commissioners at an auction for the price of $70 for both. They were cleaned and integrated into the landscaping of the corner garden, Woods said.

In addition, the corner garden includes two courthouse signs covering many years of Wyandot County’s history.

“Local artist Mandy Baldwin repainted the old sign, and we had help to get it set up on a post similar to our newer sign, so they would go together better in the garden,” Woods said.

After many hours of work, all of it volunteered by members of the Upper Sandusky community, the garden corner is complete and beautifying the corner of South Sandusky and Wyandot avenues.

At the dedication Thursday, Wyandot County Commissioner William Clinger called the garden a “typical Wyandot County project, where people step up and volunteer to do the work that made this possible.”

Woods echoed his sentiments, and beamed to the small crowd gathered Thursday.

“It makes you believe in hometown America,” she said.