“Women of Spiegel Grove” now on display

FREMONT — A special exhibit featuring stories of women of the Hayes family and national women’s history issues is now open at the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

The exhibit “Women of Spiegel Grove” is to be on display now through March 29, 2020.

The exhibit will feature influential women in the Hayes Family, including Lucy Elliot Keeler, a prolific photographer and writer; Mary Miller Hayes, who served in the Red Cross and YMCA during World War I and founded what is today ProMedica Memorial Hospital in Fremont; and Winnie Monroe, a former slave from Kentucky who worked for President and Rutherford Lucy and later started her own businesses in Washington, D.C. The exhibit is to also focus on moments of history involving women’s issues from the suffrage to the #MeToo movement. The exhibit also ties in modern women’s history and issues, such as the gender wage gap, raising the “glass ceiling.”

The exhibit is to feature a dome-theater where you can be immersed in specific moments of women throughout the years. Also, the exhibit is to feature a photo booth where you can take a black and white photo of yourself marching with women during the suffrage movement. There is to also be an area were you can record your own experience. These videos are to be collected and shared with future visitors.

“The history of women in America is an ongoing and evolving story,” said Kevin Moore, associate curator of artifacts. “It is not a subject that should be learned about passively. We are adding interactive components to ‘Women of Spiegel Grove’ because we still interact with these concepts on a daily basis today.”

In addition to the exhibit, a “Women of Spiegel Grove” themed tour of the Hayes Home is to be offered on certain days throughout the summer and fall. For the schedule of special activities, including this tour, visit rbhayes.org/visit-us/scheduled-museum-activities-and-themed-hayes-home-tours/.

The tour is to show the Hayes Home through the context of the experiences of the women connected to Spiegel Grove and featured in the exhibit. It will also include some behind-the-scenes looks that are not on the standard Hayes Home tour.

The exhibit and tour are part of Hayes Presidential’s “Finding Her Voice” program, which is to include events focusing on women’s history throughout the year.

The exhibit is to also coincide with the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Congress passing the 19th Amendment — which extended the right to vote to women.

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