Temperature to increase 10 degrees

The temperature in Tiffin Tuesday was 86 degrees.

The temperature is to climb 10 degrees by the weekend.

National Weather Service is predicting a high near 91 degrees Thursday, 96 degrees Friday and Saturday, and 93 degrees Sunday.

The temperature was 86 degrees Tuesday.

On its website, the weather service encourages people on job sites to stay hydrated and also take breaks in shade as often as possible.

It also encourages people to check on the elderly, sick and those who do not have air conditioning, never to leave children or pets unattended in vehicles, and to limit strenuous activities outdoors, find shade and stay hydrated, according to its website.

Those experiencing heat exhaustion would be faint or dizzy, have excessive sweating and cool, pale and clammy skin,

experience nausea or vomiting and have a rapid, weak pulse and muscle cramps, according to National Weather Service.

It recommends the person gets to a cooler place with air conditioning, drinks water if he or she is fully conscious and takes a cool shower or uses cold compresses.

Those with heat stroke would have a throbbing headache, no sweating, a body temperature of above 103 degrees, red, hot and dry skin, nausea or vomiting and a rapid, strong pulse.

The person may lose consciousness, according to the weather service.

It recommends calling 911 and taking immediate action to cool the person experiencing a heat stroke until help arrives.