Lakota plans for the school year ahead

KANSAS — Rebekah Haase introduced herself to the Lakota Board of Education at their meeting Monday Haase is the newest first grade teacher at Lakota Elementary School. The 2019 Bowling Green State University graduate had student teaching experiences with Fremont City Schools and Anthony Wayne Local Schools. There, Haase gained a reputation as being one of the best student teachers in either districts’ recent history.

Haase felt it was important to make a good impression with the members of the board.

“I’m so excited,” Haase said. “It’s very encouraging to work here. I’m super motivated to get started.”

In other business, the following positions were approved to receive a 3% salary increase for the 2019-2020 school year: High School Principal, Middle School Principal, Elementary Principal, Treasurer, Transportation Supervisor, Food Service Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Assistant to the Superintendent, Treasurer’s Assistant, and Aide to the Executive Secretary/Substitute Caller.

During the meeting, the board approved a contract worth nearly $50,000 to pave the school’s east drive. The board also approved the authorization to purchase a 77-passenger school bus worth nearly $76,000.

Later, the board unanimously approved the financial statement for May 2019. The board approved a one-year contract with Family Life Counseling to provide mental health services.

Pending all paperwork, the board approved the following personnel for Summer 2019: Ashley Sayre for tutor; Tyler Karhoff for intervention teacher and end of course assessment proctor; Laura Biddle for classified substitute; Jennifer Paxton for classified substitute and grounds help.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the board approved the following personnel: Kevin Yeckley for athletic coordinator; Michael Lento for ISS Monitor/District Substitute; Pamela Clark and Kimberly Johnson for Junior High Quiz Bowl advisor; Samantha Sayre and Cassie Velasquez for senior class advisor.

For athletics, the board approved the following coaches: Ty Ray for head golf; Donald Windom for head cross country; Thomas Ackerman for freshman boys football, Brad Biddle and Gael Windom for assistant high school cross country; William Keegan Lowe and Shane Jacoby for assistant high school football;

Jennifer King for junior volleyball; Tracey Rosser for junior high cross country; Aaron Bomer for junior high football.

For substitutes, the board approved the following: Linda Bell, Fayanne Corfman, Sarah Harvey, Mark King, Kari Shull, Jan Tropf, Holly Wolpert, Teryl Boegli, Linda Faber, Joseph Hoff, Jamie Krupp, Courtney Stacey, Gwen Watkins, Samantha Busack, Cheryl Graves, Melissa, Jensen, Christopher Rieman, Nancy Stone, Patricia Williams, Deborah Baker, David Bohanan, Michelle Davis, David Gault, Connie Hedge, Gina Johnson, Kristina O’Connell, Kara Pence, Patricia Rickard, Kimberly Ross, DeAnn Smith, Kelly Strasbaugh, Lori Baldwin, Bobbi Camarata, Samantha Dible, Teresa Gault, Brittnay Hill, Barbara Kaser, Amy Ley, Marita Pass, Joann Reed, Catherine Schwochow, Maricar Stahl, RoAnna Stump, Justine Coffman, Samantha Coleman, Stephanie Enteman, Donald Gonya, Rebecca Kleman, Vickie Nord, Ronald Zoeller, Kimberly Reidling, Barbara Rosenberger, Louise Steyer, Michele Uhlman, Thomas Wasserman, Rebecca Wright, Patricia Woelke.

Board member Fred Keith was not present at the meeting.

The next meeting is to be 7 p.m. July 15.