Intent to sue the village of Attica announced at council meeting

ATTICA — Attica Council met Thursday night and each member received a letter from fellow councilman Kirk Stanfield.

When Mayor Bryan Shock attempted to read the letter, Stanfield felt they should discuss the issue in executive session not open session. Solicitor Rick Palau stated it could be read in either executive or open session.

At that point Stanfield exited the building. Shock continued reading the letter that is a notice of intent to sue the village for $50,000 for wrongful water billing, excessive usurious “late” fees, civil rights violations, discrimination and extortion.

Shock stated that Stanfield did not want the letter read so village residents won’t know how much he costs the village.

Palau said that Stanfield has previously lost in appellate court cases against the village and that this could be considered a ‘frivolous action.”

Candice McKennan, who has been a resident of Attica for 22 years, reported problems with neighboring properties. One house had originally been condemned but then sold with the new owner to have the house up to code in six months which never happened. The house is boarded up and has been designated a barn. Several junk vehicles are present and the owner owes five years of back taxes.

The second property was to be demolished according to the land bank but is being sold to a county employee, said McKennan.

She wanted to know what the village could do about them.

“Unfortunately, we have no police department to enforce the village ordinances,” said Shock.

McKennan responded, “This village is going to nothing if someone doesn’t do something.”

During council’s last meeting, an income tax for the village to support the police department was suggested. Palau and Fiscal Officer Michelle Gullet have communicated with Charles Hawk from the Regional Income Tax Authority. He has provided them with a sample ordinance for the program but members would like to invite him to a meeting for more information.

A letter from the Family Research Council offered the village assistance in any issues arising from displaying a Nativity scene at the municipal building. A second letter from the Ohio State Department of Health is offering a lead abatement to Medicaid eligible home owners for removing lead from their homes. Owners would be responsible for half the costs incurred.

Lance Drummond stated trees are to be planted soon and asked about purchasing a tank for watering the trees. He questioned getting the water at the bulk station for free.

He also noted the Unknown Soldier Monument at Attica-Venice Cemetery needs some attention. The issue is to be relayed to the cemetery board.

A recent water main break had been repaired and Village Administrator Greg Martin was absent from the meeting to distribute boil advisories to residents north of US 224.

Gullet stated that all funds contain a balance of $1,089, 665.40. She noted the village audit is in progress and the budget deadline has been moved to Aug. 26.

The next council meeting is to be 7:30 p.m. June 27.