Oval at H-B Park to be paved

City Council approved an ordinance to transfer funds to the Tiffin Park and Recreation Department to be used for paving the oval at Hedges-Boyer Park Monday evening during a special meeting.

The park department has recieved a grant from Meshech Frost Charitable Trust for the project, which will increase the line in the park budget by $91,868. The grant is to be payable in two payments, one in 2019 and the next in 2020.

The request for the transfer of funds is for the project to be completed this year.

The ordinance, which was approved 7-0 with a suspension of the council’s three-reading rule, is for the amendment of the 2019 budget for the transfer of $46,040 from the General Fund to the Parks Fund.

Council also approved an ordinance to amend the 2019 budget for the replacement of an air conditioner condenser at city hall.