New Riegel Village Council discusses community yard clean up

The New Riegel Village Council met Tuesday evening. A discussion about cleaning up yards in the village predominated the meeting. Unlicensed vehicles and trailers and recreational vehicles that are not under cover were the main concern.  The council charged Solicitor Richard Palau with drafting an ordinance to be considered at the June meeting.

For the second year, council authorized sidewalk repairs. Uneven and crumbling sidewalks on East and West Tiffin and North Perry Streets will be targeted this year. The work costing $35,000 will not be started until August.

With the help of the Division of Forestry of ODNR, council member Deirdre Bakies submitted a list of nine trees that have been identified as needing to be removed. The last survey was completed in 2012. Four trees that were labeled “priority one” will be removed this year. The other five will be considered at a later date.

Mayor Larry Bouillon and member Jim Bodart are to meet with the state auditors to review findings and to learn why the state-mandated audit is to cost $9000. This cost is the largest expense incurred by the village.

The council took action to grant permission to John Faeth to extend the alley no more than 10X 20 feet where it meets his building. The paving is to be done at the resident’s expense.

The purchase of a six-foot finish mower and box blade was approved. The purchase and installation of a flag pole is to be investigated.

The wet weather has delayed several of the projects around the park.

The American Legion Memorial Day Parade is scheduled for Monday following the service.