Locals get GED at graduation ceremony

Tena Good is pictured sharing her personal experience obtaining her GED Wednesday night during the Vanguard-Sentinel Adult Workforce Development Center programs graduation ceremony.

FREMONT — Fifty students graduated from the Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers Wednesday night.

Students earned their degrees from the GED, Gateway and Ohio’s Options programs. There were 19 students in attendance during the ceremony.

One of those students was Tena Good, who attended GED classes at the Fostoria Learning Center.

After 30 years at her job, the doors closed, forcing Good to return to obtain her GED.

“You could not get a good job without at least a GED,” Good said.

Earning her GED was the best achievement Good has made, she said.

Good thanked her teachers and her sister for not letting her quit.

Also during the program, Nancy Sattler, adjunct faculty member and dean emerita from Terra State, delivered the keynote address.

“This is your night graduates and it is an honor for me to share it with you,” Sattler said. “You overcame many obstacles but you did it, no one else did it for you.”

Sattler told the graduates to not be afraid to fail.

“Anyone who has achieved anything has failed,” she said. “Follow your dreams and enjoy each moment.”

Sattler retold her own personal failure while obtaining her master’s degree. Sattler said she failed a class and had to retake the course. When she did, she passed and earned her degree with a 4.0 GPA.

“You have to find the right balance for you and celebrate your accomplishments,” Sattler said. “Education does not stop at graduation. Find what works for you. Your world is limitless, keep going.”

Students also earned a $500 scholarship from Terra State Community College and a $100 scholarship from Vanguard-Sentinel to attend their adult programming.

Other students graduating from the GED program included Julian Baker, Faith Carter, Juliana Garcia, Amber Arden Jenico Cobb, Zacharia Davis, Linda Guernsey, Samantha Keckler, Elizabeth Nolen, Anastasia Petro, Brett Reyes, Rebecca Alaniz, Nathanel Beekman, Katalina Gutierrez, Anna Vela, Kimberly Wright, Samir Al-Abudi, Nicholas Binder, Gail Braun, Jeffery Bryant, Brittany Canalito, Alexis De Los Reyes, Alyssa Gilbert, Amy Gilbert, Jonathon Grunden, Zoe Harmon, William Hayes, Angela Holman, Thomas LaCourse Jr., Dalton LeSavage, Samuel Otto, Gregory Paul, Monique Pharis, Tyler Polak, Alexis Pollard, Lynsi Seaunier, Cassandra Stanford Travis Tyree, Charles Warren Jr., Tyler Wertz and Amanda Wooten.

Other students graduating from the Gateway program included Christopher Kauffman, Solomon Sharpley, Terrell Robinson, Shauntey Daniels, Timothy Holland, Robert Lahgley, Aaron Roberts and Jay Smith.