Local Realtor to be featured tonight on HGTV’s Lakefront Bargain Hunt

Courtney Bauerle (holding clapperboard) and Josh Bauerle (to her right) pose for a photo with Mike Homan (behind Courtney) and the production crew for the HGTV episode to air this evening.

WILLARD — Downtown Tiffin Realtor Mike Homan is to be featured at 8 p.m. today on the HGTV show Lakefront Bargain Hunt in an episode called “Coming Back Home.”

The episode features a couple searching for a lakefront property in Holiday Lakes, Willard.

As a real estate agent for RE/MAX Unlimited Results, Homan said he had been marketing the area with listing videos, pictures and 3D tours.

“I was approached by the production company,” he said Saturday. “They had noticed some of my marketing materials in the Holiday Lakes area. They were looking for new areas to shoot the show.”

When he first received the phone call, Hohman said he thought it was hoax.

“My fist response was trying to figure out if this was a scam,” he said. “From there, after we got done laughing, they were able to prove to me I was talking to real people.

“The premise of the show is houses under $500,000,” he said. “I was working with some clients at the time and I thought they would work very well for the show. When I approached them about it, they were excited as well. They were local, and having the opportunity to showcase where we grew up was nice.”

Featured with Homan is the Josh and Courtney Bauerle family. After starting a family, the Bauerles, a couple that grew up in the Holiday Lakes area, decided to move “back home” and find their dream home on the water.

“Growing up here, I knew what a great hidden gem Holiday Lakes is,” said Homan, a Willard High School alumnus. “Not only did a nationwide network like HGTV recognize that, but their producers, after seeing many national locations, were amazed by the value our waterfront homes offered here in Holiday Lakes. That was a proud moment.”

Filming was done in August 2018.

“It was a good process,” Homan said. “We shot over the course of about a week. The production team and the people involved were great.

“We looked at real houses and everything was real natural,” he said. “We looked at houses and they followed us around with cameras.”

He said he enjoyed the experience.

“It was kind of a strenuous week, and something I never thought I would have,” he said. “Realizing all my hard work that is put forth for my clients had been noticed on a national scale was an honor, for sure.”

He and other local people involved were asked to not talk about the show, he said, but now that the episode is to be aired Homan said he wanted to tell people about it.

“I have not seen it,” he said. “I get to view it with everybody else.”

He is joining friends and family members for a viewing party at the Brass Pelican restaurant at Holiday Lakes where a few scenes were shot.

“I hope everybody can set their DVRs if they’re busy,” he said. “I know it’s Mother’s Day.”

Homan said Holiday Lakes always has been a “hidden gem,” and the Holiday Lakes Property Association helped a lot in the process.

The area north of Willard features a 221-acre main lake with about 12 miles of shoreline. There are two main beaches, 27 green areas and an island. Activities include boating and fishing along with basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. The area is adjacent to Willard Golf Club.

“I grew up there,” Homan said. “It was an amazing opportunity.

“It’s great for Ohio It’s great for our real estate community as a whole and it’s great for our area,” he said. “I don’t know of any others in the area who have had this opportunity.”