Council, Judge Repp discuss disagreement

Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court Judge addressed council stating he has been transparent with his request.

Judge Mark Repp addressed Tiffin City Council Monday evening during oral communications about his court-ordered memorandum to reorganize the probation department and divide payments to the three remaining probation officers following the departure of the chief probation officer.

Repp delivered his timeline of communications with the city administration.

“I believe I have been transparent in my request,” Repp said. “I want to set this issue straight.”

Repp filed the memorandum March 15. During the following meeting, council did not approve Repp’s request.

Mayor Aaron Montz had said he did not plan to approve the proposal because he felt Repp had “misled” council and did not go through the proper procedures when presenting a request to council.

According to information provided by Repp, he had contacted Montz in October 2018 and was later notified by Clerk of Council Ann Forrest the letter would be sent to the Finance Committee in November 2018.

Repp then contacted the city Director of Human Resources Debra Reamer in February about the change in positions.

City Administrator Dale Thortnon wrote in an email to Reamer, “While this sounds ‘simple,’ there may well be need for us to discuss this internally before telling the court that we are implementing this change.” The email was sent Feb. 11.

Montz then indicated Feb. 12 in an email, “I concur with Dale. I think this sets a horrible precedent. I certainly do not plan to make a request to council for this.”

Repp said he plans to no longer filter any information through the city administration.

“I will directly deal with council in the future,” Repp said.

On another matter, Montz said during his report the city’s department heads will be delivering updates to council. During Monday’s meeting chiefs Fred Stevens of Tiffin Police Department and Kevin Veletean of Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division delivered their annual reports for 2018.

Montz also said NOPEC awarded Tiffin a grant of more than $50,000 to be used to assist in remodeling Fire Station 2.

In other news, council approved the following resolutions and ordinances:

• Resolution to accept the recommendation of the Tax Incentive Review Council to continue tax exemptions with local businesses.

• Resolution to approve and endorse the Seneca County Active Transportation Plan.

• Ordinance to authorize the mayor to apply for Transportation Alternatives Grant funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation.

• Ordinance to amend sections of Tiffin Codified Ordinances regarding the appointment, examination and qualifications of police officers and firefighters.

• Ordinance to amend the budget to appropriation funds for the traffic enhancement grant project.

• Ordinance to amend the 2019 budget to appropriate funds for the construction of the west end development project.