Clyde-GS has levy on May ballot

CLYDE — The Clyde-Green Springs Schools is proposing a $1 million emergency levy on the May 7 ballot.

The issue is a 4.3-mill levy, but has been reduced to 3.3-mills following a bond being paid off recently, reducing homeowners taxes by 1 mill.

The levy is scheduled for 10 years and is to generate $1 million, Superintendent Dennis Haft said.

Funds generated are to go for operating expenses, such as day-to-day bills. The money would not be used for permanent improvements.

The levy is to cost an average homeowner of a $100,000 home less than $10 a month.

The last time the district passed a new operating levy was 15 years ago. The district has worked hard to spend the money in a fiscally responsible manner and has avoided deficit spending up until this year, Haft said.

The district has taken on significant expenses to enhance school security, including adding a school resource officer, installing emergency door locks, upgrading security cameras and upgrading the PA system.

If the levy does not pass, Haft said, the district will need to sit down as an administrative team to look over future expenses.

“We feel we have great programs in place and we don’t want to jeopardize the many opportunities that we provide for our students,” Haft said.

“We haven’t passed a new operating levy in 15 years, just like every business in America, costs go up,” Haft said. “We have been good stewards in making the money last for the past 15 years and we hope the community of Clyde-Green Springs will show the great support that they have shown in the past for our schools.”