City to benefit from gas tax

The state gas tax increase is to help assist in repairing streets and bridges in the city of Tiffin.

Mayor Aaron Montz said during the Tiffin City Council Meeting Monday evening that the Ohio gasoline tax increase revenue for the city is expected to be $375,000 annually, to be divided into payments monthly.

Gov. Mike DeWine proposed a 6-cent gas tax increase that is set to go into effect in July.

Montz said the city would not see large payments this year, but will see them starting in the beginning of 2020.

The money raised is to go toward repairs such as curbing, cross walks, striping paving and pothole repair, to name a few. The money is not to be used for hiring staff, he said.

Montz said this is in perfect timing for the Ella Street project.

“It is exciting,” Montz said. “We know how bad we need this. It is good to have this money flow in and continue to get our streets and bridges in better shape.”