Tiffin University, AICUO, OFIC announce education partnership

Tiffin University, the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges have entered into a new educational partnership according to Peter Holbrook, Tiffin University provost.

Through this partnership, employees of AICUO and OFIC’s member colleges and universities now have the opportunity to save on the overall cost of earning a doctorate in Global Leadership and Change offered by Tiffin University beginning fall semester 2019.

“Global Leadership and Change was developed with the adult professional in mind,” said Kenneth Rauch, director of the program. “It was designed with a curriculum to recognize the challenges and tremendous opportunities within today’s cross-cultural work environment.

“Practitioners in leadership roles in today’s business and educational environments have often been excluded by the traditional delivery of Ph.D. programs and extensive residency requirements within these programs,” Rauch said. “TU’s degree is offered within the online format and features limited residency requirements.”

“Ohio’s independent colleges are partnering in many creative ways to make innovative educational programs affordable,” said C. Todd Jones, president and general counsel of AICUO. “Tiffin University’s program will open outstanding opportunities for leaders at our state’s institutions. AICUO is proud to partner with TU to help make Global Leadership and Change available to new leaders on our member campuses.”

“The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC) is pleased to partner with Tiffin University as they offer greater access to their doctoral program, Global Leadership and Change, to qualifying employees of our 33-member campuses,” said Bill Spiker, president of OFIC. “Tiffin University and our other independent colleges and universities in Ohio are providing undergraduate and graduate programs which will help secure Ohio’s economic future.”

“Tiffin University is proud to partner with AICUO and OFIC to offer their member institution employees the opportunity to continue their education,” said Lillian Schumacher, Tiffin University president.

“Tiffin University aspires to motivate and positively impact individuals through educational collaborations like this representing an incredible opportunity to help adult learners.”


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