Lawsuit filed against Sunny Farms LLC

Three people are suing Sunny Farms LLC for $4 million, alleging that noxious odors are invading properties.

An attorney for Myra Spires of 11607 W. TR 108, Fostoria; Nikki Frisch, 1079 Columbus Ave., Fostoria; and Nathanael Heiser, 3580 Eagleville Road, Fostoria, filed the lawsuit in Seneca County Common Pleas Court Wednesday afternoon.

Sunny Farms LLC owns and operates Sunny Farms Landfill at 12500 W. CR 18, Fostoria.

The lawsuit alleges Sunny Farms LLC releases noxious odors that invade the property, causing loss of enjoyment of homes and businesses and reducing property value. The noxious odors originate from the landfill and waste water treatment plant, the lawsuit states.

“A properly operated, maintained, and managed landfill will collect, capture and destroy landfill gas from the landfill in order to prevent it from escaping into the ambient air as fugitive emissions,” the lawsuit states.

“Defendants have failed to sufficiently collect, capture, and destroy landfill gas generated at its landfill to prevent fugitive emissions and to otherwise prevent odors from the landfill and pollution treatment plant from invading the homes and property of Plantiff’s and the Class,” it states.

The plaintiffs are seeking to represent businesses and all people who live within 10 miles of the landfill’s boundary.