Hohman chosen interim county treasurer

Seneca County Treasurer’s Office clerk Rebecca Hohman was selected as interim treasurer on the recommendation of outgoing Treasurer Damon Alt during Tuesday morning’s Seneca County Commissioners meeting.

She will act as county treasurer for about a week until the Republican Central Committee elects a new treasurer. Four people have submitted applications to the committee for the position, and committee members have scheduled a public meeting to vote on the candidates for 7 p.m. Feb. 7 at the Job & Family Services office, 900 E. CR 20.

The new treasurer is to finish Alt’s term, which ends Sept. 5, 2021. Alt is leaving office Jan. 30 to become the new magistrate in Seneca County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Kelbley’s office.

Also Tuesday, the board approved a bid from Gossman Group for architectural and engineering work related to a county facilities master plan, pending a review of the resolution by the county prosecutor and a pre-contract meeting to determine the scope of the plan.

Commissioner Holly Stacy requested the meeting with the firm before work begins to make sure everybody has the same expectations.

Commissioner Mike Kerschner said he thinks it’s important to spend the money to move forward with planning. The coost estimate is $72,500-$89,500.

“It’s painful, but I think it’s a gift to future boards to have a plan,” he said.

The commissioners also approved IAP Government Services Group, of Columbus, to conduct a free energy assessment at Seneca County Museum.

Company representative Doug Smith explained how the company can make a recommendation through a state energy savings program. He said putting measures in place to save energy can help with costs of other building upgrades.

“We can make projections on what new equipment would be installed and what the cost saving would be on that equipment,” Smith said. “And you don’t even have to go out for bid.”

Commissioner Shayne Thomas asked if the recommendation would allow for climate controls in specific rooms, which Smith confirmed.

Kerschner said the commissioners have been talking about building upgrades.

“It has to get out of the 1960s pretty soon,” he said. “We still have knob and tube (electric service) in there.”

During her annual department review, Dog Warden Kelly Marker said her office handled 322 complaints and picked up 174 dogs in 2018, returning 85 of them to their owners and handling the adoption of more than 50. Another 32 were euthanized.

The office issued 40 citations and more than 10,000 dog licenses through Seneca County Auditor’s Office.

Thomas asked about the process of adopting a dog.

Marker said the owners of dogs with licenses are tracked down using the information on the license. She said licenses should be on the dogs and not at the owner’s house or keychain.

Dogs without licenses attached are held for 72 hours as required by the state, and then are posted on the office’s Facebook page for adoption. The fee is $30, which includes $15 for a license and $15 for the dog. Adoptions are handled at the office, 3190 SR 100.

In other business, the commissioners:

• Finished their reorganization for the year, setting weekly meetings for 10 a.m. Thursdays in February, March and April and deleting the Feb. 21 meeting.

• Approved a request from Seneca County Airport for $2.500 in snow plow repairs.

• Contracted for medical services with Dr. Chris Sears on behalf of Seneca County Sheriff’s Office

• Authorized the sale of a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria by the Sheriff’s Office for $976.

• Contracted with Vanguard-Sentinel Career Center for GED instructions for Seneca County Jail inmates.

In finances, the board approved:

• A $90,021.80 supplemental appropriation to the County Engineer’s Maintenance and Repair Fund for equipment.

• A $1,375 and a $14,100 supplemental appropriation to the Clerk of Courts Title Administration Fund.

• A $799 supplemental appropriation to the Special Projects Fund.

• A $500 supplemental appropriation to the Allen Eiry Special Guardianship Fund.

• A $16,700 supplemental appropriation to the Community Development Block Grant Fund for restroom upgrades at the County Services Building.

• A $160,000 fund transfer from the General Fund to the Soil and Water Fund.

• A $60,000 fund transfer from the Local Government Fund General Fund to the Emergency Management Agency Fund.

• A $10,000 fund transfer from the LGF General Fund to the Soil and Water Fund.

• A $330,000 fund transfer from the LGF General Fund to the Ambulance Services Fund.

• A $100,000 fund transfer from the General Fund to the Justice Center Operating Fund.

• A $50,000 fund transfer to the Bond Retirement Fund.