Council Sets Date for Hearing Revised DORA

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, Council heard first reading on the City of Tiffin’s revised application for the creation of a DORA, or Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, in downtown Tiffin. Council President Mark Hayes announced that there would be a public hearing on the proposed legislation at the City Council meeting on Feb. 4 at 7:45 p.m. at the Council’s temporary meeting place, the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center at 928 W. Market St.

Council Law Director Brent Howard said that the Council would have a second reading of the application at the meeting on Feb. 4 after the public hearing.

In city renovation news, Council suspended the rules and approved an ordinance to amend the 2019 budget in order to provide $8,500 in funds for the Fair Lane, State Route 224, Market St. Improvement Project. The funds are meant to cover additional engineering design work needed for the project.

Council also suspended the rules and approved an ordinance to authorize Mayor Montz to enter into a Local Public Agency Contract for the Miami Street Reconstruction Project, allowing City Administrator Dale Thornton to move forward and prepare plans, advertise and receive bids for, and execute a contract for the project.

Councilman Steve Lepard said that of the “$1.4 million required for this project, 95 percent of it will be paid by a federal grant.” Lepard also mentioned that there is an “early to mid-February deadline to sign off on the grant, and if we don’t pass it we’ll have to pay the cost out of our own pockets.”

Council suspended the rules again and approved an ordinance accepting a grant from the Tiffin Safety Council for swimming pool improvements and supplies for the Fire/Rescue Division, and amended the 2019 budget ordinance to reflect this grant. The Tiffin Safety Council awarded the City $5,600 to furnish a new Splash Hi/Lo Chair at the City swimming pool at Hedges-Boyer Park and $10,750 to purchase three Personal Thermal Imagers for use by the Fire/Rescue Division in fighting fires. The Mayor and the City of Tiffin wished to thank the Tiffin Safety Council for the awards.

Council also voted to accept Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council Energized Community Grants for 2019 and to authorize the mayor and downtown main street manager, Amy Reinhart, to apply for an Ottawa Sandusky Seneca (OSS) Solid Waste District Competitive Grant for the purchase of 25 earth planters for downtown Tiffin.

In downtown parking news, Council heard second reading on a resolution to accept and endorse the Downtown Tiffin Parking Study and Garage Analysis put forth by the Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership, who worked with the Gossman Group to produce the analysis. The downtown parking analysis and conceptual garage study was completed in Sept. 2018 by the Gossman Group to provide recommendations for city officials in making changes to the downtown Tiffin parking situation. The overall implementation of the plan would fall to Amy Reinhart, Downtown Coordinator, and a future parking Committee.

Council also heard first reading Tuesday night on an ordinance that increases the EMS billable mileage rate in Tiffin. The City received notice that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved a 2.3 percent increase to the allowed EMS billable mileage rate. Increasing the EMS billable mileage rate is meant to provide additional revenue to cover the costs of EMS services in the community.

EMS will charge a base rate of $750 for basic life support services, beginning with loading a patient into an ambulance and ending with removing that patient from the ambulance, and base rates will go up from there depending on the additional services that the patient receives. EMS will also charge $14.23 per mile that a patient rides in an ambulance, and $15 for every quarter hour that the ambulance crew waits for a patient from the time the patient is removed from the ambulance until the time the patient is loaded back into the ambulance during a round trip of consecutive services.

In his report at the meeting Tuesday Mayor Aaron Montz noted that The Agrati Group has completed their $1.6 million expansion at their Airport Industrial Park facility, which has added 10 new jobs. Mayor Montz also said that $833,000 has been allocated for paving city streets in 2019. The streets that will be paved include:

• Hall St. from Webster Manufacturing to Oak St.

• Hedges St. from Rosa St. to Main St.

• All of Hillcrest Drive

• Hopewell Avenue from the city corporation limits to W. Market St.

• Huss St. from the bridge to the State Hospital

• N. Water St. from Huss St. to Tyber Road

• Ohio Ave. from Huss St. to Seneca St.

• All of Rosa St.

• Second Ave. from N. Washington St. to N. Cedar Court

• S. Washington St. from the city corporation limits to south of St. Francis Ave.

• Sycamore St. from Ella St. to Gibson St.

• Third Ave. from Shawhan Ave. to Vine St.

• W. Davis St. from N. Sandusky St. to Vine St.

• W. Perry St. from Benner St. to S. Sandusky St.

• All of Westwood Court

Before the meeting was adjourned, Councilman Jim Roberts addressed a rumor that private contractors are not allowed to plow snow from private alleys in the City of Tiffin, as the result of a city ordinance. Roberts clarified that there is no such law in existence in Tiffin.