Briefly, Dec. 14

Tiffin man arrested

A Tiffin man was taken into local custody in Lucas County on an indictment from nearly six years ago Wednesday afternoon.

Tyler J. Kiser, 24, was charged with complicity to breaking and entering, complicity to receiving stolen property and possessing criminal tools, all fifth-degree felonies, court records state.

He allegedly aided or abetted another person in committing breaking and entering and aided or abetted another person in committing receiving stolen property in December 2012, according to his indictment.

Kiser was indicted March 6, 2013, it states.

School board committee to meet

Tiffin City Board of Education Business Advisory Council is to meet at 8 a.m. Thursday at Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Services, 19 W Market St. Suite C.

Tiffin University launching first Ph.D. program

Tiffin University plans to launch its first Ph.D. program beginning fall semester 2019, according to a news release from the university.

The degree, Global Leadership and Change, was approved by the Institutional Actions Council of the Higher Learning Commission at its Dec. 4 meeting.

“This exciting step forward is in line with our commitment to Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness,” TU President Lillian Schumacher said in the release. “CCU builds global and cultural appreciation into our institutional DNA and the word global is not limited to international, ethnicity or race. It also includes differences in gender, religion, region, financial situation, sexual orientation or physical ability — all elements that shape a person’s worldview.”

Schumacher said global leaders are critical in a complex political environment.

“Students who enroll in the program can expect to earn an education focused on leadership theory and practice that is inclusive of understanding, working with, and respecting others who are different from us,” she said in the release. “Providing this level of knowledge and ability sets TU apart from many other institutions of higher learning.”

Kenneth Rauch, director of the Ph.D. program, said Global Leadership and Change was developed with the adult professional in mind.

“It was designed with a curriculum to recognize the challenges and tremendous opportunities within today’s cross-cultural work environment,” he said in the release. “Practitioners in leadership roles in today’s business and educational environments have often been excluded by the traditional delivery of Ph.D. programs and extensive residency requirements within these programs.”

He said TU’s degree is to be offered online and features limited residency requirements.

“Flexibility and the relational approach of faculty engagement allow students to work independently, but never alone,” he said in the release.

“It is imperative to gain as much exposure to other cultures and different perspectives as possible,” said Provost Peter Holbrook in the release. “Learning about how people in different cultures think, communicate and achieve results will advance any career.”

For more information, contact Rauch at rauchk@tiffin.edu.