Optimism amid mud

Rainstorms hit fairgrounds, but show still goes on

UPPER SANDUSKY — Amidst the mooing of cattle, last-minute preparations and goats parading in the show ring at Wyandot County Fair was some mud Tuesday.

Nick Derr, president of the fair board, said the fair had had a rough start. There were 4 inches of rain last week, starting Wednesday, he said.

An estimated additional 2 1/2 inches of rain fell over the weekend.

Derr said the fairgrounds had trees and wires down, and a fence was damaged.

The board, he said, came together, and at 9 a.m. Tuesday, the fair started.

“The fair’s (going to) happen.. … You (have to) work together,” he said.

People bringing in campers and vendor trailers unhooked their trucks, and the trailers were put in place with a tractor. The camping area and parking lot were the worst areas Tuesday morning, he said.

Derr said the lanes and main walkways all are blacktopped, so they were dry.

“Hopefully (higher grass) benefits us. … (It’s) good in theory,” he said.

The sun was shining Tuesday morning.

“We’ll take this any day,” he said.