Scramble strategy

PHOTO BY JACOB GURNEY Children participate in the chicken division of the Livestock Scramble at the Seneca County Fair Thursday evening.

People of all ages were welcome to participate in the Livestock Scramble Thursday evening at the Seneca County Fair.

Secretary Cate Frankart of the Seneca County Junior Fair Board said the scramble was to consist of three divisions including: chickens for children 8 and younger, lambs for children 9 to 14 and calves for anyone 15 and older.

She said organizers mostly just set up the arena near the antique tractor display. The biggest part of preparation was obtaining donations to make the event happen, Frankart said.

She said winners were to get cash prizes and the amount awarded varied. The animals belong to Beagle’s Scramble Co., making them available for similar events.

The animal scramble was new this year, Frankart said. She said they got the idea after watching a similar event at the Sandusky County Fair.

“We liked it and thought it would be a different kind of thing to have at our fair,” she said.

She said she hoped the event would have a good turnout and be something for teens to do.

“We wanted something positive for the older youths at the fair that was fun for them and would be something they’re looking forward to,” she said.

Levi Dawson, 8, participated in the chicken division. He said he was in a pig scramble before, but never with chickens and he thought he might get pecked.

Dawson said his plan was to squeeze the chicken tight so he wouldn’t lose it.

Alexandria Elchert, 11, participated in the lamb scramble and said it was very muddy. She said it was her first scramble and she came close to catching one.

Zayden Hites-Johnson said he won the first heat of the lamb scramble. He said he chased the lamb and when he got close and cornered it, he grabbed it by the neck and put the halter on.

Frankart said at least 35 people signed up in each division.