Historic designation


Four generations of the Berlekamp family — including (from left) Tim Berlekamp, Miriam Fankhauser, Maria Hemminger, Andy Hemminger, Brian Berlekamp, Park Hemminger and Jean Berlekamp — gather at a ceremony to dedicate a sign designating Homestead Acres, 6812 N. CR 15, as an Ohio Century Farm Friday afternoon. Jean said the farm was acquired in two parcels. She said Byron and Matilda Rule deeded 108 acres to Heinrich Bernard Berlekamp and his wife, Caroline, for $9,182.55 in 1883. In 1907, the heirs of Henry Heinz sold to Charles H. Berlekamp, son of H.B. Berlekamp, 94 acres for $9,000. “This is a very happy day for us to establish this land as an Ohio Century Farm and it has always been one of my life’s blessings to spend my time on Earth in such a beautiful setting and home,” Jean said. “I am so grateful to Grandpa Barney and Grandma Caroline for having chosen so well where to settle.”