Daily Log, July 20

Tiffin reports

• Jose F. Sanchez, 22, of Tiffin, was charged with a Financial Responsibility Act suspension Thursday.

• John H. McMillan, 58, of Norwalk, was charged with theft Thursday.

County reports

• Kylar Meisner, 24, of Tiffin, was charged with dog at-large Thursday.

• An 11000-block East CR 58 woman reported a theft of money Friday morning.

Fostoria reports

• A 1200-block Peeler Drive woman reported a refrigerator stolen Thursday afternoon.

• A person in the 1000 block of North Main Street reported Friday morning a theft of paint supplies, a pressure washer, a paint gun, a commercial sweeper, a laptop and money.

• A person in the 700 block of North Vine Street reported needles in a trash can Friday afternoon.

County accident

• A one-vehicle, non-injury accident was reported at North TR 165 and East TR 122 Friday morning.



• A person at North Wood and West Jones streets reported a truck hit a utility pole Thursday afternoon.

• A two-vehicle, non-injury accident was reported at East Fremont and North Main streets Thursday night.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to a power line down at 215 Clinton Ave. Thursday afternoon.


• North Central EMS and Green Springs fire had a squad run Thursday evening.

• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had one squad run Thursday afternoon, one squad run Thursday evening and four squad runs Friday morning. Clinton fire assisted once Friday morning.


Corn $4.66

Wheat $5.12

Beans $8.71

Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court


• Larry J. Walters, 24 Johnson St., Tiffin, hitchhiking violation; Joseph E. Biller, Findlay, assured clear distance, $185; Laura Nye, Mechanicsburg, speed, $129; Charles K. Astin, Jr., Mableton, Georgia, speed, $150; Peggy Whitta, Risingsun, speed, $132; Scott A. Zimak, Findlay, speed, $168; Robert L. Hendrickson, 243 Hudson St., Tiffin, speed, $135; Wendy Allison, Perrysburg, speed, $132; Arriyana M. Nunez, Elida, speed, $153; Zachary M. Fleer, Columbus, speed, $144.

• Marni Stiles, Marion, speed, $138; Kevin M. Ellison, Marion, speed, $147; Lisa Flaherty, Marion, speed, $147; Mary B. Cole, Port Clinton, speed, $132; Kevin L. Richey, 339 E. Fremont St., Fostoria, speed, $234; Aaron J. Steyer, 208 Charlotte St., Tiffin, improper/prohibitive turn violation, $140, operating unsafe vehicle violation, $50; Christine M. Staib, New Riegel, registration violation, $140; Jane M. Schreiner, 90 Bryden Rd., Tiffin, assured clear distance,

$140; Fonso Blankenship, Tiffin, speed, $138; Jason M. Hermes, Sandusky, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Jordan J. Walton, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Richard C. Porrello, Lewis Center, speed, $141; Devon J. Bouyer, 106 Benner St., B, Tiffin, failure to control/weaving, $140; Christian L. Hinson, 516 Glenview Dr., Fostoria, speed, $144; Michael R. Newcomer, Findlay, speed, $129; Casey Dewald, Old Fort, failure to yield right of way, $140; Carl W. Werner, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Cody R. Chapman, Harpster, speed, $141; Arron J. Hall, Cygnet, driver seat belt violation, $85; Anthony Q. McIntyre, 511 Maple St., Fostoria, driver seat

belt violation, $85.

• Brannon J. Henkel, 20 Towne and Country Dr., Tiffin, speed, $126; Christopher J. Brose, Findlay, speed, $138; Nathan L. Heyman, Tiffin, speed, $129; Pedro J. Delarosa, Jr., 536 W. Fremont St., Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Cora R. Bair, 105 Third Ave., Tiffin, seat belt violation, $85; Cinnamon M. Halbert, Powell, speed, $138; Angelina Spargo, Findlay, speed, $138; Richard Plant, Fremont, following too close, $140, driver seat belt violation, $30; Skatuntlabhen Bilodiya, Findlay, speed, $135; Dennis J. Heilman, Tiffin, speed, $120.

• Kenneth L. Black, Mansfield, speed, $135; Tanya L. McCrate, 450 S. Harley St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Joseph T. Drukenbrod, Columbus, speed, $141; Anne L. Jones, Tiffin, turn signal violation, $190; Amelia L. Miles, Bloomville, speed, $135; Chase Berger, Attica, speed, $147; Cheryl A. Williams, Risingsun, speed, $138; Grant M. Billings, Columbus, speed, $159; Kathleen A. Kidd, 615 W. Fremont St., Fostoria, speed, $168; Colton W. Hughes, Marion, speed, $126.

• Kyle R. Shepherd, Attica, driver seat belt violation, $85; Jacob Moyer, Arcadia, speed, $129; Michael Yenour, Wayne, speed, $129; Michael Barrett, McComb, speed, $138; Stephanie L. Taylor, Columbus, speed, $147; Naif Alotaibi, 62 Siesta Dr., Apt. D, Tiffin, speed, $135; Autumn S. Brady, Bloomville, disorderly conduct, $285; Susan L. Isphording, Columbus, speed, $174; Seth A. Gibson, 78 Elm St., Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85; Sheeree Oney, Shiloh, speed, $138.

• Erica M. Jahnz, Elida, speed, $174; Eli R. Clouse, Fostoria, speed, $129; Corinna Nava, 338 Main St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $146; Kori D. Dubose, Fremont, speed, $126; Robin R. Schwartz, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, speed, $126; Ruth N. Connell, Mentor, improper passing violation, $140; Brie A. Bourdo, Columbus, speed, $174; Oscar Ortiz, Lorain, speed, $126; Eric Bauer, Green Springs, speed, $129; Gregory M. Weber, Sugar Grove, speed, $129.

• Jared E. Minor, Circleville, speed, $138; Jerry Rindfuss, Bucyrus, speed, $129; Dee Ann Colaizzi, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, speed, $126; Jaycee L. Collet, McCutchenville, speed, $132; Rachel G. Koons, Lynchburg, Virginia, speed, $132; Julia L. Gerritsen, 902 N. Union St., Fostoria, speed, $126; Jordan N. Gase, 360 Coe St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Karlene J. Feasel, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Theresa A. Tiell, 250 2nd Ave., Tiffin, failure to confine dog, $160; Adrianne D. Ferbrache, 224 W. Lytle St., Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $240.

• Duane A. Goshe, Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Cassandra M. Hohman, 250 8th Ave., Tiffin, speed, $150; Grant M. Taylor, Tiffin, speed, $252; Christopher R. Green, Columbus, speed, $135; Alicia M. Molina, Delaware, speed, $138; Melinda K. Steinbrugge, Tipp City, speed, $135; Meghan E. Coughlin, Powell, speed, $129; William Simpkins, Flat Rock, failure to yield

right of way, $140; Roy Devore, Port Clinton, speed, $132; Sean Walton, Perrysburg, speed, $129.

• Paula E. Fisher, Upper Sandusky, speed, $150; Robert Cavey, 320 Columbus Ave., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Taylor Leonard, Marion, speed, $135; Vivian L. Beddow, Prospect, speed, $126; Amelia A. Kanonczyk, Erie, Pennsylvania, speed, $152; Joshua J. Hammer, Bascom, driver seat belt violation, $85; Ronald A. Rollins, Jr., Dayton, speed, $126; Adam J. Showalter, North Baltimore, driver seat belt violation, $85; Jessica R. Zornes, 25 Hall St., Tiffin, speed, $126; Lisa M. Boes, Alvada, speed, $132.

• Daniel Marshman, Dunkirk, speed, $147; Jennifer L. Brough, 809 Shore Dr., Fostoria, speed, $132; Julia M. Walsh-Zitkovic, Findlay, speed, $135; Jeffrey Boyles, Grafton, speed, $123; Jennifer E. Heyman, North Olmsted, speed, $132; Jessica S. Hackworth, Findlay, speed, $129; Sergio Flores Hernandez, Ostrander, speed, $147; Robert S. Fitch, Caledonia, speed, $132; Daniel R. Norman, Chillicothe, speed, $150; Pamela D. Shinn, Findlay, speed, $126.

• Jodi E. Gaietto, Tiffin, turn signal violation, $140; Logan J. Haubert, Tiffin, excessive exhaust violation, $140; Adrian S. Hinojosa, Lancaster, registration violation, $140; Marilyn S. Dorsey, Clyde, speed, $126; Brian R. Wagner, Sandusky, speed, $135; Brandon A. Corfman, Republic, speed, $144; Adam J. Clark, Bellevue, speed, $138; Alec M. Marvin, Republic, speed, $150; Jhaziel M. Cabrera Perez, Sandusky, speed, $150; Kyle S. Mitchum, Dublin, speed, $129.

• Brent W. McGlone, Marysville, speed, $129; Chelsea Keckler, 199 Siesta Dr., Apt. E, Tiffin, speed, $132; Charles A. Brady, Canal Winchester, speed, $174; Colbert D. Hall, Jr., 908 S. Union St., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Jayne H. Williams, Tiffin, speed, $126; Kiehra S. Moore, 30 Maplewood St., Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Brian A. Oestreich, Wayne, speed, $129; Jesse S. Lynn-Hernandez, 910 Springville Ave., Fostoria, speed, $126; Cathy E. Wirth, Sycamore, start/back violation, $140; Susan P. Waldnig, Galloway, speed, $132.

• Matthew R. Aldrich, Carey, driver seat belt violation, $85; Robert L. Kalb, Toledo, speed,

$159; Francisca R. Peace, Bloomville, traffic lanes violation, $140; Erin L. Smith, 491 Columbus Ave., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Justin C. Phillips, Clyde, speed, $147; Chad A. Deboard, Gahanna, speed, $141; Michael Z. Donley, Pickerington, speed, $126; Amy J. Moyer, Tiffin, speed, $135; Tara L. Phillips, Carey, speed, $126; Judy Lanfranchi, Medina, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Charles Wentz, 461 W. Lytle St., Lot 244, Fostoria, speed, $129; Jon N. Werner, Alvada,

speed, $135.