Daily Log, June 8

Tiffin reports

• Garland M. Breitigam, 29, of Findlay, was charged with theft-deception Thursday.

• Brittani N. Breitigam, 30, of Findlay, was charged with theft-deception Thursday.

• Christapher W. Hoyda, 28, of Tiffin, was charged with domestic violence Thursday.

• A person at Walmart, 2801 W. SR 18, reported a stolen wallet early Friday morning.

• A woman in the first block of Augusta Lane reported Friday morning that a youth ran his bike into her car and caused damage in May.

County reports

• Robert L. Sleezer, 18, of Bettsville, was charged with disorderly conduct Thursday.

• A person in the 1000 block of North TR 21 reported a car was broken into and ransacked Friday morning.

Fostoria reports

• Juan C. Reynolds, 31, of Fostoria, was charged with driving under suspension, left of center and flee-elude officer Thursday.

• An employee at KFC, 708 N. Union St., reported that a person threw pizza at them, punched the counter and left Thursday evening.

• A 300-block West Lytle Street resident reported theft of prescription medication Friday morning.

County accidents

• Richard Edelman of Tiffin was cited with failure to yield from a private driveway after an accident on South SR 53 on May 22. Another driver, Jennifer Houck of Tiffin, was taken by a family member to Mercy Health – Tiffin Hospital.



• A citation of failure to yield from a private driveway was issued after a two-vehicle, non-injury accident at West Jones Road and North Main Street Friday afternoon.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division responded to a nuisance burn at CR 21 and CR 34 Thursday afternoon.


• Tiffin Fire Rescue Division had one squad run Thursday night and four squad runs Friday morning. Clinton fire assisted Thursday night.

• North Central EMS and Green Springs fire had a squad run Thursday night.

• Bloomville EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Friday morning.

Bascom EMS and fire and the Echo unit had a squad run Friday morning.

Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court


• Kaylee D. Bear, 98 Center St., Tiffin, improperly displaying license plates, $185; William A. Stoneman, Farmington, driver seat belt violation, $130; Kandyce A. Lester, Clyde, speed, $174; Jesse N. Cole, Toledo, registration violation, $185; Thomas L. Brown, Kelleys Island, left of center, $140; John M. Fox, 65 Longfellow Dr., Tiffin, speed, $144; Travis R. Stein, Clyde,

failure to control, $140; Travis P. Mayer, Vermilion, speed, $135; Michael K. Hormell,

Vermilion, speed, $144; Robert D. Ripato, Wallingford, Kentucky, speed, $126.

• Jennifer L. Ridner, 732 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, speed, $150; Sarah R. Stearns, Upper Sandusky, driver seat belt violation, $85; Larry A. Steyer, Fostoria, speed, $120; Austin Robbins, 737 Independence Ave., Fostoria, equipment regulation violation, $140; Amber D. Koubeck, Painesville, speed, $132; Ralph A. Hannon, Toledo, stop sign violation, $140; Brenda K.

Lovejoy, 225 Bricker St., Fostoria, speed, $135; James C. Lonz, Norwalk, failure to yield right of way, $140; Rebecca L. Craig, Tiffin, speed, $129; Logan M. Kohart, Payne, title violation, $140.

• Justin M. King, Johnstown, stop sign violation, $140; Collin McGough, Green Springs, left of center, $140; Bernice E. Frisch, 123 Gibson St., Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140; Cindy L. Notestine, 1700 S. Duchess Lane, Lot 4, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85; Michael D. Tyner, Jr., New Orleans, Louisana, failure to control, $140; Jerry R. Marshall, 832 Davoli St., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Lesly Rodriguez Quinones, 133 Nichols St., Fostoria, speed, $135; Denise I. Scott, 211 Potter St., Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Zachary R. Boyer, Wayne, speed, $135; Eric S. Bullion, Bellevue, speed, $141.

• Kelsey N. Shank, 500 Lime St., Fostoria, traffic control light violation, $140; Talyssa Perez, 624 McDougal St., Fostoria, speed, $174; Saffron R. Florea, 107 Clinton Ave., Tiffin,

registration violation, $140; Anthony L. Armstrong, Toledo, turn signal violation, $185; Laura M. Reinhart, New Riegel, speed, $126; Elijah J. Hickle, 1224 Sandusky St., Apt. 36E, Fostoria, speed, $132; Coltan J. Hossler, Tiffin, failure to control, $140; Yan Coppler, 1704 N. Union St., Fostoria, speed, $129; Oriana M. Settles, 637 Cherry St., Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Shelly D. Malone-Lopez, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140.

• Paul W. Brickner, Fostoria, speed, $132; Matthew J. Molina, Gibsonburg, speed, $159; Anthony M. Hajdu, Chagrin Falls, speed, $132; Scott J. Werling, Alvada, speed, $165; Penny S. Hohman, Findlay, speed, $141; Raymond E. Brooks, Clyde, speed, $150; Steven R. Miller, Bellevue, slow vehicle sign violation, $140; Colin W. Vanzile, Rittman, speed, $132; Kelzey A. Kuch, Findlay, speed, $141; Luke C. Brust, Honeoye Falls, New York, speed, $144.

• Hector Salcido, 571 N. Countyline St., Fostoria, speed, $147; Arlene M. McCarty, Fostoria, speed, $132; Joseph T. Brainard, Haskins, speed, $195; James L. Lee, 267 Coe St., Tiffin, speed, $147; Brandon C. Koch, 1412 W. Seneca Ave., Tiffin, speed, $144; Aaron J. Brickner, Fostoria, stop sign violation, $140; Stacey R. Westbrook, Monroe, Michigan, failure to yield right of way, $185; Estelle L. Lachner, 158 Main St., Tiffin, stop sign violation, $140; Levi S. McDermott,

215 E. High St., Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Marlena L. Stumbo, Willard, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Jaime M. Pence, Fremont, speed, $132; Sue A. Bishop, Fremont, speed, $126; Tracey L. Newman, Fremont, speed, $132; Kelsey L. Blakley, Findlay, speed, $138; Leanne B. Tiell, New Riegel, speed, $138; Dennis E. Brant, 609 W. Fremont St., Fostoria, assured clear distance, $140; Julie A. Peck, 137 Minerva St., Unit A, Tiffin, speed, $132; Donald E. Didion, III, Westerville, speed, $240; Dawn L. Pena, 686 S. Sandusky St., Lot 89, Tiffin, assured clear distance, $140;• Philip J. Bolen, Jr., Findlay, speed, $135; Haley L. Walters, 324 N. Main St., Apt. 4, Fostoria, speed, $140; Chelsea M. Keffer, Fostoria, one-way traffic violation, $140; Karen Gordon,

Collins, speed, $141; Ayumi Caldwell, Findlay, speed, $153; Cheryl A. MacDonald, 348 W. South St., Fostoria, speed, $132; Ernest J. Russell, Kansas, speed, $141; Charles E. Drake, 321 E. Tiffin St., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Angela D. Sprang, 727 Eisenhower Dr., Fostoria, traffic device/signal violation, $140; Jeffrey A. Mendoza, 447 Colonial Dr., Fostoria, speed, $159.

• Chase E. Dull, 110 Hillcrest Dr., Tiffin, traffic control light violation, $140; Jonathan J. Rice, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $240; Joshua E. Jones, Sr., Tiffin, disorderly conduct, $240; Michele Kessler, Republic, driver seat belt violation, $85; Cory M. Lewis, Fremont, driver seat belt violation, $85; Douglas G. Colgate, 1365 Muirfield Place, Fostoria, speed, $192; Benjamin C. Masserey, Kent, failure to control, $140; Albert V. Eckel, 20 Maplewood St., Tiffin, speed, $150; Patrick N. Adkins, 113 8th Ave., Tiffin, speed, $147; James Kelley, Marion, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Dwight Everhart, Attica, speed, $138; Melissa M. Philon, Sandusky, speed, $135; Hadley D. Rose, 7 N. Sandusky St., Tiffin, registration violation, $140, failure to yield right of way, $50; Hannah E. Kelbley, 1251 VanBuren St., Fostoria, stop sign violation, $140; Don J. Mascarenhas, Springboro, speed, $135; Grant M. Wentling, Carey, registration violation, $140; Dana L. Kuhn, Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85; Rebecca Wank, New Riegel, speed, $147; Kaylynn M. Gonzalez, Findlay, speed, $152; Evan J. Lejeune, Toledo, speed, $129.

• Gilberto Mendoza, Jr., 642 W. Fremont St., Fostoria, driver seat belt violation, $85; Lisa M. Wood, Findlay, child restraint violation, $140; Amanda L. Burden, 432 Burnham Dr., Fostoria, speed, $144; Christopher J. Acevedo, Bloomville, improper passing violation, $140; Amber N. Burks, 94 Center St., Tiffin, stop sign violation, $140; Meranda K. Filliater, Fremont, speed, $147; Melissa A. Abrams, Tiffin, speed, $140; Janice I. Ernsberger, Woodville, speed, $138; Maximiliane H. Meyers, Port Clinton, speed, $141; Susan J. Liddington, Sycamore, start/back violation, $140.

• Delela L. Malagon, Findlay, speed, $165; Kennedie J. Kopp, Fostoria, disorderly conduct, $240; Brent K. Myers, Green Springs, stop sign violation, $140, turn signal violation, $50; Doris M. Senn, 511 W. Culbertson St., Fostoria, failure to control/weaving, $140; Sierra L. Beckford, Bloomdale, speed, $135; Anthony J. Moes, Burgoon, equipment regulation violation, $140; Autumn Daniel, Shaker Heights, speed, $141; Joshua Shaull, Clyde, speed, $135; Charles R. Owens, Ravenden, Arizona, prohibitive U turn violation, $140; Daniel P. Grover, 217 N.

Sandusky St., Tiffin, driver seat belt violation, $85.

• Ryan R. Miller, Republic, speed, $138; Jessica L. Tucker, 316 E. High St., Fostoria, speed, $141; Alton K. Moran, 601 Westhaven Dr., Fostoria, speed, $189; Steven R. Higginbotham, Carey, traffic lanes violation, $140; Keith A. Carter, Toledo, failure to control, $185; Kurt A.

Dauterman, Fostoria, speed, $146; Mulayh S. Alanazi, Findlay, speed, $138; Karen S. Booth, Bellevue, speed, $156; Cynthia L. Frankart, Fostoria, speed, $150; Maysen L. Beard, Findlay, speed, $126.

• Christian Bailey, 640 Maple St., Fostoria, speed, $138; Andrew Wise, New Riegel, failure to yield right of way, $140; Roger A. German, Fostoria, speed, $135; Kelsey L. Bowen, Findlay, speed, $120; Abby L. Colter, Findlay, speed, $120; Judi E. Rohrer, Hilliard, speed, $135;

Christopher E. Brady, McCutchenville, driver seat belt violation, $85; Luciano M. Prevedello, Dublin, Dublin, speed, $132; Michael R. Kinnaman, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140; Patricia M. Delgreco, Copley, speed, $147.

• Trevor Clinger, 420 S. Monroe St., Tiffin, speed, $132; Roland A. Huffman, 415 Cleveland St.,Fostoria, failure to yield right of way, $140; Christon E. Bonham, 18 Noble St., Tiffin, stop sign violation, $140; Rex A. Frederick, 312 E. Fremont St., Fostoria, unspecified charge, $140; Clark A. Desbin, 146 Railroad, Tiffin, failure to yield right of way, $140


• A son, Carter Joseph Daniel, was born Monday, June 3, 2019, to Jacqueline M. and Carl J. Daniel of Tiffin. Carter weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces, and measured 19 inches long.

Maternal grandparents are Kaye and Jack Wise of Tiffin. Paternal grandparents are Don and Karen Daniel of Tiffin. Maternal great-grandparents are Tom and Donna Wise of Tiffin. Paternal great-grandmother is Donna Daniel of Tiffin.

• A daughter, Mallory Anne Bauer, was born Tuesday, June 4, 2019, to Kim and Cody Bauer of Bucyrus. Mallory weighed 8 pounds, and measured 20 inches long.

Maternal grandparents are Eric and Beth Hiler of Tiro. Paternal grandparents are Bernard and Jill Bauer of Bucyrus. Maternal great-grandparents are Bill and Barb Kaple of New Washington and Kermit Hiler of Bloomville.. Paternal great-grandmother is Naomi Duprey of Marion.

• A son, Cole Alexander Grau, was born Wednesday, June 5, 2019, to Megan and Adam Grau of Tiffin. Cole weighed 9 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 20 inches long.

Maternal grandparents are Lyle and Sue Keller of Arcadia. Paternal grandparents are John and Janis Grau of Sulphur Springs. Paternal great-grandparents are Walter and Alice Schimpf of New Washington.

• A son, Lynx McCoy Leyda, was born Wednesday, June 5, 2019, to Ashley and Mitch Leyda of Tiffin. Lynx weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and measured 20 inches long.