Sunday announcements, Feb. 10

Retro Roundtable

FREMONT — Bring a family heirloom, letter, photograph, piece of clothing, toy or other artifact with special meaning to you and share its story during Retro Roundtable events in April at the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.

Retro Roundtable, offered for the first time last year, was so popular that a second event was added to the program this year. One session will focus on artifacts, heirlooms and manuscripts, and the other session will focus on photos.

The artifact session is April 6, and the photo session is April 13. Each session is from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in the museum/library building. Admission is free.

“My favorite aspect of Retro Roundtable is that it’s audience driven, which allows for a wide range of topics to be discussed,” said Julie Mayle, HPLM associate curator of manuscripts.“Last year’s event brought out so many interesting objects, so I can’t wait to see what this year brings.”

Presenters will have up to 10 minutes to discuss their item or photograph. Observers who do not want to bring items are welcome to attend and hear the fascinating stories behind the presenters’ items.

Presenters can share an item at one or both of the sessions.

Those presenting are required to pre-register and can do so by contacting Curator of Manuscripts Nan Card or Mayle at (419) 332-2081, ext. 239. They can also email Card at ncard@rbhayes.org or Mayle at jmayle@rbhayes.org.

For those who would like to attend but not present, no registration is required.

Staff will open each event by sharing the stories behind some significant artifacts and photos from HPLM collections.

The artifact session of Retro Roundtable is sponsored by Rebecca White.

For information, call (419) 332-2081, or visit rbhayes.org. Like HPLM on Facebook at fb.me/rbhayespres and follow on Twitter at @rbhayespres and Instagram at rbhayespres.

Prize winning journalist to speak to high school class

FREMONT — A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author will speak to a St. Joseph Central Catholic High School class via live video Monday, as part of the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums’ Patriotism & Protest program.

Tony Horwitz will discuss his books “Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid that Sparked the Civil War” and “Confederates in the Attic” with the 10th-grade advanced placement U.S. History class at 8 a.m.

These books cover abolitionist John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, and battles of the Civil War with a modern perspective.

This talk connects with the Patriotism & Protest programs because Horwitz’s books examine how people internalized the ideals of patriotism and protest during the Civil War era and how people today view that conflict.

Horwitz is a native of Washington, D.C., and a graduate of Brown University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. As a newspaper reporter, he spent a decade overseas, mainly covering conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans for The Wall Street Journal. Returning to the United States, he won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting and wrote for The New Yorker before becoming a full-time author.

His books include the national andNew York Times bestsellers,“Confederates in the Attic,” “Blue Latitudes,” “Baghdad Without a Map” and “A Voyage Long and Strange.”

Horwitz has also been a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University and a history columnist for Smithsonian magazine. He is currently the president of the Society of American Historians.

For a full schedule of Patriotism & Protest events, visit rbhayes.org.

This program and “A Family of Service” are made possible in part by Ohio Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

For information, call (419) 332-2081, or visit rbhayes.org. Like HPLM on Facebook at @rbhayespres and follow on Twitter at @rbhayespres and Instagram at rbhayespres.

Columbian student chosen to represent Tiffin

Zirm joins a select group of students from all over the country for an intensive study of journalism and media. Zirm was chosen based on academic accomplishments and a demonstrated interest and excellence in journalism and media studies.

National Youth Correspondents participate in hands-on, experiential learning through decision-making simulations that challenge them to solve problems and explore the creative, practical and ethical tensions inherent in journalism and media.

The Washington Journalism and Media Conference will be July 14-19.

For more information contact: Elena Johnson, Director of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, wjmc@gmu.edu.

Marquette University’s dean’s list

MILWAUKEE — Alexander Kimmet, of Carey, has been named to the dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kimmet is pursuing a bachelor of science in civil engineering.

Kent State dean’s list

The following local students have been named to the Kent State fall 2018 dean’s list: Aspen Ray, of Carey; Mercedes Vaughn, of Carey; Hannah Zimmerman, of Carey; Leah Crawford, of Upper Sandusky; Logan Dible, of Upper Sandusky; Ayana Getz, of Upper Sandsky; Cheyenne Peptitpas, of Curtice; Gabriella Ortiz, of Curtice; Elizabeth Koenig, of Elmore; Jessica Sotak, of Elmore; Mia Owen, of Fremont; Carolyn Wiersma, of Fremont; Sabrina Niedbalski, of Genoa; Nathan Reineck, of Genoa and Nina Mancha, of Gibsonburg.

Tiffin University dean’s list

The following students have been named to the Tiffin University fall 2018 dean’s list: Aaron Acree, of Carey; Thurston Dyer, of Carey; Raven Moloney, of Carey; Timothy Musgrave, of Carey; Joe Oren, of Carey; Anna Smalley, of Carey; Jenna Smalley, of Carey; Gavin Woods, of Carey, Britton Hensel, of Kenton; Taylor Frey, of Upper Sandusky; Samantha Pryor, of Upper Sandusky; Logan White, of Upper Sandusky; Gabriel Scott, of Curtice; Adam Lemke, of Elmore; Rodger Calvillo, of Fremont; Alec Carnicom, of Fremont; Robert Hrynciw, of Fremont; Devin Kupka, of Fremont; Katherine Magnuson, of Fremont; Dylan Smith, of Fremont; Chloe Swaisgood, of Fremont; Brennan Withrom, of Fremont; Pamela Jesso, of Fremont; Ashley Kramer, of Fremont; Caleb Laurer, of Fremont; Tawnie Michaels, of Fremont; Kateria Molyet, of Fremont; Veronic Ramirez, of Fremont; Ashley Saionz, of Fremont; Stepanie Snyder, of Fremont; Alexander Veleba, of Fremont; Tricia Ward, of Fremont; Michelle Wehring, of Fremont; Vincenzo Bulone, of Genoa; Keith Bryant, of Gibsonburg; Eriq Rivera, of Tiffin; Kirsten Camp, of Attica; Kaleb Knott, of Attica; Daniel Cook, of Tiffin; Kyle Reinbolt, of Bascom; Ross Sears, of Bascom; Nicholas Smythe, of Bellevue; Katy Herman, of Bellevue; Samantha Schindley, of Bellevue; Brooklyn Brookes, of Bloomville; Jacob Clark, of Bloomville; Edward Ardner, of Fostoria; Meredith Boes, of Fostoria; Antonio Diaz, of Fostoria; Andrew Sanagan, of Fostoria; Schuyler Turner, of Fostoria; Virdian Molotla, of Fostoria; Victoria Walter, of Fostoria; Kaitlyn Borer, of New Riegel; Shane Halcomb, of New Riegel; Tyler Halcomb, of New Riegel; Mitchell Kramer, of New Riegel; Alyssa McDannell, of New Riegel; Fallon Huss, of New Riegel; Jadon Yambert, of New Riegel; Jocelyn Brezina, of Sycamore; William Dunlap, of Sycamore; Jonathan Ekleberry, of Sycamore; Michael Gobs, of Sycamore; Shauna Leeth, of Sycamore; Paige Sigler, of Sycamore; Chelsey Trusty, of Sycamore; Carter Walton, of Sycamore; Jake McMillion, of Sycamore; Cheyanne Taylor, of Sycamore; Mohamad Abdualrhman Ajaly, of Tiffin; Bader Mohammed Al Dahneen, of Tiffin; Hassan Al Sabhan, of Tiffin; Abdulrahman Abdullah Aladyan, of Tiffin; Turki Abdualaziz Alakalla, of Tiffin; Majed Alammar, of Tiffin; Obaud Abdulmajeed Alanazi, of Tiffin; Faris Alanazi, of Tiffin; Barjas Khalid Alanazi, of Tiffin; Sebaih Mansour Alanazi, of Tiffin; Mohammed Eissa Albaiz, of Tiffin; Sayah Abdulmajeed Albalawi, of Tiffin; Abdulaziz Faisal Albarrak, of Tiffin; Abdullah Maymoun Albasrawi, of Tiffin; Hussain Bandar Aldhafeeri, of Tiffin; Gurit Abdullah Alenezi, of Tiffin; Ahmed Alghamdi, of Tiffin; Hanas Nawaf Alharbi, of Tiffin; Ayeidh Hassan Alharthi, of Tiffin; Hassan Abdullah Alhassan, of Tiffin; Saleh Abjulrahman Aljetaili, of Tiffin; Faris Almaghlouth, of Tiffin; Maed Khalid Almalki, Mohammad Almetani, of Tiffin; Muharib Taher Almutairi, of Tiffin; Saad Abdulaziz Alojari, of Tiffin; Saleh Omar Alqahtani, of Tiffin; Zuwayyid Faisal Alrashidi, of Tiffin; Saad Khaled Alrashedi, of Tiffin; Khidhran Dakhnan Alrashidi, of Tiffin; Fahad Mohammed Alsaleem, of Tiffin; Hameed Khalid Alshammari, of Tiffin; Mfleh Yazeid Alshammari, of Tiffin; Shatwi Norah Alshatwi, of Tiffin; Yahya Nasser Alyahya, of Tiffin; Hadi Saeed Alyami, of Tiffin; Mutair Mohammed Alzahrani, of Tiffin; Abdulhamid Yazeed Alzakeri, of Tiffin; Christophe Tom Arias, of Tiffin; Romello Barker, of Tiffin; Maysen Beard, of Tiffin; Brooklyn Berrington, of Tiffin; Carol Bhagat, of Tiffin; Saleh Abdulaziz Nassar Bin, of Tiffin; Sarah Bogner, of Tiffin; Lileigh Bower, of Tiffin; Dorothy Carla Briscoe, of Tiffin; Halie Copley, of Tiffin; Alec D’Angela, of Tiffin; Benjamin Downie, of Tiffin; Alexander Stuart Jon Eaton, of Tiffin; Dalton Eidt, of Tiffin; Cadin Emshoff, of Tiffin; Giorgio Ferrario, of Tiffin; Melissa Gabriele, of Tiffin; Luke Garrabrant, of Tiffin; Ryan Gase, of Tiffin; Bailey Gibson, of Tiffin; Cordell Gilliland, of Tiffin; Alexis Glick, of Tiffin; Jared Gurney of Tiffin; Jordan Elle Hamilton, of Tiffin; Timothy Hassinger, of Tiffin; Sean Herron, of Tiffin; Cheyanne Heyman, of Tiffin; Jena Huffman, of Tiffin; Chelsea Hutchins, of Tiffin; Bradley Iannantuono, of Tiffin; Cynthia Conception Jorge, of Tiffin; Gabrielle Joseph, of Tiffin; Cody Kerschner, of Tiffin; Noah Klick, of Tiffin; Tomas Krivanec, of Tiffin; Brooke Lambert, of Tiffin; Sheniah Lanier, of Tiffin; Troy Lucius, of Tiffin; Morgan Lynch, of Tiffin; Christian Magill, of Tiffin; Donavan Magill, of Tiffin; Mohammed Ali Masrahi, of Tiffin; Saeed Ahmed Mobarki, of Tiffin; Amie Morrison, of Tiffin; Jazmine Nutter, of Tiffin; Edward O’Brien, of Tiffin; Taylor Pearson, of Tiffin; Paul Phillips, of Tiffin; Lauren Prince, of Tiffin; Alice Putoud, of Tiffin; Samuel Reid, of Tiffin; Kaley Reinhart, of Tiffin; Abbie-Jade Riley, of Tiffin; Ethan Robinson, of Tiffin; Charles Rolls, of Tiffin; Baleigh Searles, of Tiffin; Hassan Abdulrahmen Sherbini, of Tiffin; Hassan Jehad Shrbini, of Tiffin; Emily Rebecca Sim, of Tiffin; Flora Juliette Sirgant, of Tiffin; Aaron Sostaric, of Tiffin; Matthew Stearns, of Tiffin; Bradley Steyer, of Tiffin; Connor Stocker, of Tiffin; Marshall Stull, of Tiffin; Clare Sullivan, of Tiffin; Eli Theis, of Tiffin; Anthony Traxler, of Tiffin; Katie Vogel, of Tiffin; Allyson Weinandy, of Tiffin; Conner White, of Tiffin; Garrett White, of Tiffin; Marcus White, of Tiffin; Alyssa Winget, of Tiffin; Zachary Wuensch, of Tiffin; Zihao Yang, of Tiffin; Ann-Mary Zheng, of Tiffin; Elizabeth Zizelman, of Tiffin; Matthew Zolkin, of Tiffin; Kimberly Fisher, of Tiffin; Macie Harvey, of Tiffin; Matther Iannantuono, of Tiffin; Lindsey Lawson, of Tiffin; Patrice Poignon, of Tiffin; Serena Ratliff, of Tiffin and Makayla Wilkinson, of Tiffin.

Agriculture industry conference held

COLUMBUS — More than 375 Ohio AgriBusiness Association members and industry professionals were on hand to engage in collaborative discussion and learning at the organization’s annual industry conference Jan. 31-Feb. 1 at the Columbus Marriott Northwest.

The conference helped participants to “chart their course” in the ever-changing agricultural industry through a variety of sessions presented by well-respected speakers from across the country.

The conference addressed key topics in today’s agriculture industry, such as nutrient management, economic and trade outlook, trust and transparency and climate trends.

Keynote speaker Tom Balzer of the Ohio Trucking Association explored leadership lessons learned through an unconventional method during his presentation, “Leadership Lessons I Learned by Being a Couch Potato.”

Other notable speakers at the two-day conference included Director Dorothy Pelanda, Ohio Department of Agriculture; David Fikes, Food Marketing Institute; Arlan Suderman, INTL FCStone; Christopher Henney, Ohio AgriBusiness Association; Jerry Hatfield, USDA; and Jess McCluer, National Grain & Feed Association; and several educators and researchers from University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University, University of Missouri and The Ohio State University.

At a dinner and annual meeting, OABA recognized the recipients of the 2019 OABA Industry Excellence Awards. Kevin Brinkman of United Equity Inc. received the Excellence in Customer Service Award, while Kevin Fall of Rosen’s Inc. received the Achievement as an Emerging Leader Award and Jason Nowakowski of Centerra Co-op received the Excellence in Safety & Stewardship Award.