Development group changes name

SIEDC now Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership

The area organization known as Seneca Industrial and Economic Development Corp. now is Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership.

This change is following the completion of the community branding initiative that began this past spring.

The organization’s board of directors voted unanimously to move forward with the change in name last month following a community survey that indicated certain changes needed to be made. The directors had discussed the time was right to revise the organization’s name and agreed SIEDC had been a success and well-known organization locally.

Board of Directors Chair Lynn Detterman said in a release, “The new name better reflects our geographic area, clarifies the purpose of the organization, and stresses the collaboration of the community.”

SIEDC began in 1983 and is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to driving economic, downtown and community development in Tiffin and Seneca County.

President and CEO David Zak stated, “The name provides more clarity to those who are unfamiliar with the community, including developers, as it is more location-specific and better aligns with the current naming conventions of other economic development organizations.”

According to Zak, Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership brings and connects Tiffin and Seneca County, the two public entities that are served.

“Using both the name of the county and county seat also reflects current practice for economic development organizations,” Zak stated. “The word ‘partnership’ also emphasizes the nature of our organization, but also the collaborative nature of our approach, which is critical to the community success. The word ‘economic’ also emphasizes the economic impact the different types of development we work on have.”

The new name is to be reflected in changes to existing materials such as the website, organizational email addresses and letterhead.

“(The name) also shows our close collaboration with both the city of Tiffin and all of Seneca County, while broadening our scope to include not just traditional economic development, but also downtown and community development,” Zak stated.

More information about the name change can be found online at www.tiffinseneca.org.


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