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Robot the newest kid on the block at Tiffin hospital

PHOTO BY NICOLE WALBY The newest member of the surgical team at Mercy Health - Tiffin Hospital, the da Vinci Si Robot, is shown off Friday.

Community members were invited Friday to meet the newest member of the Mercy Health – Tiffin Hospital surgical team, a robot.

The hospital’s first surgical robot is a da Vinci Si Robot.

“This is great to have this kind of technology, especially in our area,” said Dr. Ross Gahn, surgical manager at Mercy Health – Tiffin Hospital.

He said in the past, patients had to be transferred to other hospitals because the procedures they needed weren’t available in Tiffin.

Robot-assisted surgery has helped overcome limitations of minimally-invasive surgeries and enhance capabilities of surgeons, according to a release from Mercy Health.

With robotic surgical tools, complex operations can be done with more precision and smaller incisions, which leads to decreased blood loss, less pain and quicker healing, Gahn said.

“Patients no longer have to leave the Tiffin area to experience the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery,” he said.

Robots can aid in gynecological operations, such as hysterectomies and uterine prolapse repairs, and general surgeries, such as hernia repairs and bowel resection.

Gahn said the robot was used in a gallbladder surgery already and doctors have several surgeries scheduled for the following weeks.

Roxanne Hiler, a surgical nurse from Mercy Health – Willard Hospital, attended the reception to learn about advances. Hiler has been a surgical nurse since 1991.

“Tremendous changes have been made in surgery,” she said. “It is pretty neat.”

The robot was brought to Tiffin through the Mercy Health Foundation – Tiffin with the assistance of donors, including the National Machinery Foundation, Reginald C. & Enid O. Panocoast, Tiffin Community Foundation and the Webster Foundation.


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