Wilson’s office sold to Oak Lane Dental

The dental practice of James C. Wilson has been sold to Oak Lane Dental.

Oak Lane Dental annouced Monday its first clinic affiliation is with Wilson.

“I’ve been practicing dentistry in Tiffin for nearly 37 years and have always been committed to providing my patients with the best, most compassionate care possible,” Wilson stated in a news release. “I considered many factors in choosing who would carry on my philosophy of care to my patients and staff.”

Wilson’s staff has been asked to stay on.

“The staff at Dr. Wilson,” clinic was one of the most attractive things to us,” stated Michael Merkley of Oak Lane Dental.

Oak Lane Dental was founded in 2017 by Merkley and Andrew Walker. They said the dynamics of Wilson,” office, at 19 W. Market St., suite A, in a vibrant community such as Tiffin was the goal for Oak Lane,” first office and headquarters.

“Tiffin is particularly attractive to us as our home base,” Walker, CEO of Oak Lane Dental, stated. “It is a vibrant community with a strong economic foundation in Tiffin University, Heidelberg University and National Machinery. With increasing economic growth downtown, updated courthouse, and expanding city footprint, we are optimistic about Tiffin’s future.”

Oak Lane Dental, Tiffin is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday. For more information, call (419) 447-9541 or visit www.oaklanedental.com.