SBA offering first Emerging Leaders class in Tiffin

Registration is open for SBA’s Emerging Leaders executive-level training program to begin April 25 at Heidelberg University.

This is the first time the U.S. Small Business Administration executive program will be offered in a rural area. The program is offered in more than 50 cities nationwide.

The program’s goal is to attract owners of established small businesses with high growth potential, and to provide them with knowledge and resources to build sustainable businesses.

SBA is seeking 15 applicants from Seneca and neighboring counties to take part. The class is to be led by Tiffin business leader Kim Radison.

The seven-month course requires a commitment of 100 hours, including 40 hours of in-class training, seven CEO mentoring group meetings and course assignments as well as networking and mentoring opportunities.

Acceptance criteria generally include at least three years in business, businesses that have at least one employee besides the owner and have revenues of at least $250,000 (which is flexible). Participants generally are owners or key decision-makers.

For more information, call Thomas Sangrik at (216) 522-4198 or email thomas.sangrik@sba.gov.