Coming clean

Pair opens vehicle detailing business

A new auto detailing business recently opened in Tiffin.

WeeeWash Car Detailing, 129 Adams St., opened Aug. 14. The business is owned by Darian Garibaldo, who also owns Mosquito Minus, Ashten Miller and a silent backer.

The business focuses on interior and exterior auto detailing, Miller said. Garibaldo added this includes waxing and washing the outside as well as interior detailing and cleaning.

“We do vans, cars, trucks, motorcycles, you name it,” Garibaldo said.

Garibaldo said he prefers to work on the interior whereas Miller likes to do the washing, waxing and polishing the outside.

While this is their first auto detailing shop, they each have experience detailing and washing cars.

“We always had done this kind of stuff for family and friends,” Miller said. “This is just the first time doing it as an official business.”

“We always washed cars for people and thought auto detailing would be a good service to get into,” he said. “We have experience with it so we might as well turn it into a business.”

Garibaldo said his other business is seasonal, so he wanted something he could work on year-round. Also, he said he liked the idea of having a small town auto detailing shop.

“There’s not a lot of ‘small town’ shops around here like this,” he said. “I wanted something like that. It’s just a small town shop and that’s what I like about it.”

Miller said prices start at $49.99 for interior or exterior detailing and $99.99 for full detailing.

Miller said customers normally can get same-day service.

“When I lived in Toledo, there were places like this all over,” he said. “They were pretty quick and easy. We want to be able to do the same thing here.”

Garibaldo said WeeeWash is the kind of place someone can go to get something done quickly.

“Our quick turnaround is definitely one of the positives of this business,” he said. “People can have their vehicle back relatively quick.”

Miller said the average time to detail a car is about two hours, but Garibaldo added it can be anywhere form one to six hours.

Business hours are 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Friday, but special appointments usually can be made, Miller said.

Both said they are passionate about what they do.

“I just enjoy working with people and in a smaller city like Tiffin, it doesn’t take long to get to know most people,” Garibaldo said. “We will definitely take calls all the time. We’re very devoted to this business.”

“It’s something that I enjoy doing,” Miller said. “Not just the business aspect, but washing cars in general. It’s rewarding to see the final product of our work.”

For more information, call (419) 455-6084, email weewash

cars@gmail.com or find the WeeeWash Facebook page.