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New business to focus on power sport vehicles

PHOTOS BY JACOB GURNEY Powersport Gurus, 464 W. Market St., is expected to open Aug. 1 with a grand opening celebration to be sometime in September.

A business that offers parts and accessories for power sport enthusiasts is opening in Tiffin.

Powersport Gurus owners Dillon Hartman and Travis Frank look forward to filling a local need, they said.

Hartman, of North Baltimore, and Frank, of Old Fort, have a total of 10 years experience working with power sport vehicles and each have worked at a power sports dealer. Also, they both own and ride motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Frank said the store is to offer power sports parts, accessories and apparel for all types of makes and models. Hartman said while the store will not do repairs, they will offer advice and recommendations.

“We know common needs and problems that people often encounter. We have a lot of experience dealing with those problems,” Hartman said. “Also, if we can’t find an answer, we have plenty of sources that can help us find an answer for our customers.”

He said the store also will have items for new and old bikes and equipment, jerseys, gloves and DOT-, ECE- and SNELL-approved helmets. They also will have youth helmets for street and off-road use, he said.

Hartman said they have 10 or 11 distributors and Frank said access to thousands of products. Hartman said half their distributors offer one-day shipping. He said customers won’t pay shipping unless they want their purchase sent to their home.

They said Tiffin will be a great place for their business.

“We really like that the racetrack (Sandusky Valley Riders in Sycamore) is so close and we want to be able to provide anything they need on a daily basis,” Hartman said.

“We saw a gap in the market and wanted to keep the business local,” Frank said. “There wasn’t a power sports store nearby that we could find and we can better serve people who are involved in power sports by being closer to them.”

Hartman said they stock what they believe is needed and adapt as they become more familiar with the local market.

“I really think we are going to hit it out of the park with what we will have put out,” he said.

Hartman said they like the location because there is plenty of traffic and ample parking.

“We’re just excited to be a part of the growing city of Tiffin,” he said. “We’re proud to be another local business here.”

Hartman said they believe they will have success in Tiffin because they enjoy what they do.

“We both ride and we both have passion for this,” Frank said.

“The American Dream, to me at least, means becoming a business owner,” Hartman said. “We’re young, but we are ambitious. I’d like to think that we are fairly knowledgeable and know what is what. The important thing is we have passion for what we do and this is truly what we love. “

The store is set to open Aug. 1 and the owners plan to have a grand opening sometime in September. The store will be open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday and closed Sundays. Contact the business starting Aug. 1 at (844) 774-8787 or by email at Powersport