What a grind

After installing a custom-made coffee roaster earlier this year, Bailiwicks Coffee Co. is serving and selling its own coffee.

Jessica Williams, owner of Bailiwicks, said the roaster was purchased from a company in Idaho and installed in May. After the installation, Williams began experimenting with coffee roasts, and last month started serving only on-site roasted coffee.

“The police department and fire department have been our guinea pigs,” Williams said of the experimental batches.

“Now we’re exclusively serving our own coffee with the exception of decaf, but that will change in a month or two,” she said.

Williams said it always had been her goal to roast her own coffee, but she wasn’t anticipating to do so soon.

“Business has allowed me to expand so much quicker than my timeline,” she said.

Williams said roasting coffee is a combination of art and science, and must be monitored closely. The roasting process takes 13-16 minutes, she said, and the small, 5-pound batches must be checked every 30 seconds.

“We’re checking temperature and time and airflow,” she said. “It can be really intense.”

Williams said by roasting coffee in smaller batches, a higher-quality coffee is produced.

“We roast weekly and it’s very fresh” she said. “You can really see a drastic difference in freshness and quality.”

Williams said Bailiwicks offers 20 varieties of on-site roasted blends for sale as whole beans and ground coffee. Some of the most popular blends include Bailiwicks’ house blend, Scottish Grog, Brazil Bourbon and Colombia, she said.

“Scottish Grog is one of Tiffin’s absolute favorites,” she said.

Being able to roast coffee has given Williams a sense of pride, she said, and her plans to expand the brand include providing wholesale accounts to other coffee shops and stores.

“We’ve been fortunate it’s been well-received,” she said.

Bailiwicks Coffee Co., which was founded by Williams in 2012, is located at 62 S. Washington St.