Heidelberg School of Music presents new shows this month

The play, “She Kills Monsters” is set in Athens, Ohio in the 1990’s. Agnes Evans is ordinary in every way — her sister, Tilly, however, is anything but. After their parents’ and Tilly’s death, Agnes is met with the realization that she never really connected with her younger sister. Thus, an adventure begins — one of Dungeons and Dragons. Agnes, accompanied by Dungeon Master Chuck, starts playing through a module of DnD written by Tilly to learn about the girl that Agnes never knew. Agnes meets the party members- a demon queen, a dark elf, and a slacker Overlord to the Underworld- all of which are far more versed in this strange world than she is. She embarks on the Quest for the Lost Soul of Athens all while dealing with picking up the pieces of losing her family and taking a new step in her relationship with Miles.

Cast members are Lizzie Bowman (Agnes), Riley Gibson (Tilly), Nick Talion (Miles), Noah Rawson (Chuck), Ashley Dawson (Vera), Bri Clark (Lillith), Hannah Schoen (Kaliope), James Ogle (Orcas), Ben Pollizi (Steve), Gretta Griesbach (Farrah/Evil Gabbi), Michelle Chen (Evil Tina), Madison Swyers (Narrator).

Adapted from American cartoonist Alison Bechdel’s award-winning, graphic memoir “Fun Home”, the musical explores the childhood and youth of Alison Bechdel. Beginning in her home studio, we see Adult Alison work on the first draft of her graphic memoir. As she sketches, imagines and draws, vignettes from her past come to life on stage. The narrative structure is not a traditional through-line but instead, a moving series of memories, fantasies, and discoveries. We meet Alison Bechdel at three different stages of her life: Small Alison, a precocious 9 year-old living with her family in the small Pennsylvania town of Beech Creek; Medium Alison, a college freshman stepping into the real world for the first time; and Adult Alison, a 43 year-old cartoonist. We meet The Bechdel Family; Alison’s father Bruce, an English teacher and Victorian house restorationist, her mother Helen, and her two brothers John and Christian.

Cast members are Caira Goldstein (Big Allison), Kamryn Mohney (Medium Allison), Bella Ballard (Small Allison), William Sweeney (Bruce), Kaylea Bowers (Helen), Esme Rose (John), Alexander Roerdink (Christian), Elayna Brock (Joan/Susan Deys), Gavin Buurma (Roy/Mark), Braydi Clark (Bobby/Jeremy/Pete).


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