The Titanic makes a stop at The Ritz

PHOTO SUBMITTED The Ritz Players are to present “Titanic, the Musical” at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

The sinking of the Titanic in the early hours of April 15, 1912, remains the quintessential disaster of the 20th century. The musical play, “Titanic,” examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in this ever-fascinating drama. This is the factual story of that ship — of her officers, crew and passengers, to be sure — but she does not, as has happened so many times before, serve as merely the background against which fictional, melodramatic narratives are recounted.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students.

Cast members are Bradley Alan Rowe (Andrews/George Widener), Jacob Ellis (Barrett/Benjamin Guggenheim), Joey Magnuson (Bride/Bell/Hartley/Ensemble), Kevin Held (Fleet/Carlson/Ensemble), Seth Innis (Captain/Col.Aster), Charles Groth (Ismay/Mr. John B. Thayer), Will Sweeney (Charles/Ensemble), Eli Rousculp (Edgar/Boxhall/Ensemble), Ric Hills (Hitchens/Isidor Straus/Ensemble), Chad Walkins (Jim Farrell/Male Dance), Levi Hill (Pitman/Etches), Jarrett Newsome (Murdoch/Cello Player), Joe Boehler (Lightfoller/Ensemble), Simon Fletcher (Bellboy), Jennifer Hill (Alice), Kyrsten Lilly (Caroline/Stewardess/Ensemble), Darcianne Porter (Kate McGown/Ensemble), Sarah Engeman (Kate Murphy/Stewardess/Ensemble), Lila Conley (Kate Mullins/Stewardess/Ensemble), Cyndi Hineline (Ida Straus), Riley Bigson (Mrs. Astor/Dance Captain/Ensemble), MaryAnn Kromer (Charlotte Drake Cardoza), Kadin Dugger (Jack Thayer/Ensemble), Joanna Beres (Mrs. Aubert/Ensemble), Mandy Bour (Marion Thayer/Ensemble), Traci Newsome (Eleanor Widener/Ensemble), Scott Cook (Ensemble Crewman/Lady’s Maid), Carla J.S. Towers (Ensemble/Stewardess)

Ensemble members are Sheryl Burtch, David Conley, Gwen Conley, Leah A. Fletcher, Brittney Forster, Alycia Lenke, Christina Nichols, Bella Paulson, Rochelle Pruneski, Cheryl L. Showalter, Gabrielle Wiersma, Jessica C. Williams.

The production is under the direction of Stephen Svoboda with Greg Ramsdell — music director and piano, Dani Hummel-Sass — assistant director, Kyrsten Lilly — costume designer, Kenzie James — choreographer, Riley Gibson — assistant costume designer, Mary Kidwell — wardrobe assistant, Brian Young — lighting and flyrail operator, Jim Cook — set designer and flyrail operator, Sue Cook — light board operator, Sandy Kimmel — prop master and spotlight operator, Amy Berger — spotlight operator, Madison Swyers — spotlight operator, Elias Rousculp (Crew and Will Sweeney), Elizabeth Tracy — second keyboards, Joel Boardman — percussion, Carol Coffman — flyrail operator, Benjamin Bodard — sound engineer.


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