Trouble in River City


Cameron Zorn, as Harold Hill, encounters the townsfolk of River City, Iowa, Tuesday night during dress rehearsal of Mohawk High School’s production of “The Music Man.”

Performances are to take place at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday in Mohawk Performing Arts Center.

The year is 1912. Traveling salesman/con man Harold Hill steps off the train into the town of River City, Iowa, well known for its stubbornness. He begins his trade of convincing the locals to not only purchase band instruments but uniforms as well with the idea of creating River City’s Boys’ Band — his full intention being to collect the money and skip town before having to actually teach one note of music.

The only one to suspect Harold is the local piano teacher and librarian, Miss Marian Paroo. Her younger, troubled brother Winthrop is actually excited about the band, so she decides to keep her suspicions to herself. In his efforts to sway Marian, Harold starts to develop feelings for her. Will he be able to skip out of town as easily as he first thought?

Cast members include Wesley Sniffen (conductor), Cole Watson (salesman #1), Alec Bollinger (salesman #2/Marcellus), Zach Hayman (Charlie Cowell), Kobe Stillberger (salesman #3/Tommy Djilas), Kevin Dietrich (salesman #4), Steven Smith (salesman #5), Chris Klopp (newspaper reader/farmer), Alex Lersch (Mayor Shinn), Hope Love (Alma Hix), Alayna Kindle (Ethel Toffelmier), Carlee Hummel (farmer’s wife), Kolin Reffitt (Jacey Squires), Isaac Ward (Ewart Dunlop), Hannah Watson (Marian Paroo), Hayley Luhring (Mrs. Paroo), Hayden Cook (Eulalie Shinn), Tyler Hayman (Constable Locke), Colton Price (Olin Britt), Nathaniel Luhring (Oliver Hix), Jordan Kieffer (Zaneeta), Ericka Hummel (Maud Dunlop) and Lydia Zamora (Mrs. Squires).

Chorus members are Alec Bollinger, Hayden Cook, Taylor Hammond, Skyla Haubert, Kahne Hayman, Tyler Hayman, Zach Hayman, Elle Hetzel, David Hoffert, Ella Hoover, Addi Horner, Trenton Horner, Carlee Hummell, Ericka Hummell, Natalie Johnson, Jordan Kieffer, Alayna Kindle, Chris Klopp, Alyssa Lawrence, Sammie Lersch, Hope Love, Hayley Luhring. Nathaniel Luhring, Kaidan Mathias, Makayla Ochier, Colton Ogg, Sarah Pennington, Colton Price, Kolin Reffitt, Kasidi Reis-Kelly, Steven Smith, Wesley Sniffen, Logan Snyder, Madison Spiers, Kobe Stillberger, Ruby Sullivan, Isaac Ward, Cole Watson, Hannah Watson, Emma Weaver, Elena Zamora, Lydia Zamora and Cameron Zorn.

Stage crew members are Kaira Staib, Allison Staib, Bethany Ford, Alexa Konkle, Julia Amlin, Maggie Wisda, Emma Lemley, Maddie Schultz and Elli Neiderkohr.

Tech crew members are Kurtus Ekleberry, Josh Kimmett, Donnie Shellhouse and Jim Cook.

The production is under the direction of Kate Niederkohr, Maria Gerber, Wendy Shellhouse, David Arter and Kay Karg.