Changemakers: Columbian students collecting items for Morrison House

A student-led organization at Columbian High School is working on making a difference within the school and in the community.

The Changemakers, established at the start of the school year, has collected more than $3,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and now is working toward collecting items for families and individuals living at The Morrison House

The group is made up a small number of students, including junior Andrew Branson and seniors Tyson Price and Jacob Cain.

The project, “Making a House ‘Morr’ of a Home,” entails totes being placed in local businesses for community members to drop off items that are in high demand.

Items needed include bath towels, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, shampoo, shower caddies, body wash, dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, garbage bags, blankets, diapers, baby bottles, socks, pillow cases, twin-sized sheets, storage totes and nonperishable food.

Branson said they chose to focus on The Morrison House because the students felt not enough attention was being paid to the facility.

“This is a good opportunity to bring the community together,” he said.

Branson said they wanted to collect items individuals needed most to let people understand it isn’t just about money, but items of value.

“This project is about the entire family, to unite everyone,” Branson said. “Having these items should be the last thing the families should worry about.”

“It is great to see the kids care,” Stacey Geiger, Columbian High School teacher and organization adviser, said. “Students sometimes get negative connotations, but you can tell they are passionate about helping people. It is very heartwarming.”

Each student has a different reason they joined the group.

Branson worked on establishing a food drive for a philanthropy project and Cain has a passion for helping those internationally. Both wanted to start a group to focus on these passions and they, along with Price and others, formed The Changemakers.

“These are the footsteps we leave behind when we go off to college,” Branson said. “It is great to know when we come back that we have made a difference.”

Where to donate

People interested in donating can visit the following locations to drop off items through Nov. 14:

• The Advertiser-Tribune, 320 Nelson St.

• Tiffin Community YMCA, 180 Summit St.

• RUSH Graphics, 30 Riverside Drive.

• Columbian High School, 300 S. Monroe St.

• Same Day Signs, 80 E. Market St.

• Mayor Aaron Montz Office, 51 E. Market St.

• Ralph’s Joy of Living, 33 N. Washington St.

• JT’s Bagel Bar, 14 Sycamore St.

• Tiffin Public Works Building, 601 Miami St.

• Noble School (4-5), 130 Minerva St.

• Lincoln School (Pre-K), 124 Ohio Ave.

• Tiffin Middle School, 103 Shepherd Drive

• Krout School, 20 Glenn St.

• Washington School, 151 Elmer St.

• Grace Baptist Church, 161 N. SR 101

• St. Mary Catholic Church, 85. S. Sandusky St.