Seneca County Fair Results, July 31

Senior Fair

Additions to the Crafts and Collections

Class 15: Housewares: 2nd, June Obarr.

Class 15: Any Seneca County Item: 2nd, June Obarr.

Team, Intermediate Division: 1st, Collin Meier and Audrey Melton.

Horseshoe Contests

Senior Doubles

1st, Kenny Reis and Mark Pocock; 2nd, Ron Yonts and Steve Selvey.


A Class: 1st, Bill King; 2nd, Joe Steinmetz.

B Class: 1st, A.J. Kelser; 2nd, Olgvia Steinmetz.

C Class: 1st, Steven Daniel; 2nd, A.J. Kelser.


A Class: 1st, Larry Steinmetz and Joe Steinmetz; 2nd, Ed Waugaman and Bill King.

B Class: 1st, Steven Daniel and Dustin Vickery; 2nd, Al Kelser and Kevin Halbeisen.

Demolition Derby

Trucks: 1st, Garrett Danner, Sycamore; 2nd, Richard Palton, Carey; 3rd, Auston Hosler, Kalida; 4th, Mikel Carnahan, Payne.

Trucks, Mad Dog: 1st, Garrett Danner.

Youth: Hunter Opp, Tiffin; 2nd, Isaiah Helms, Findlay; 3rd, Lance Bowersox, Sycamore; 4th, Matt Clinard Jr., Bucyrus.

Stock: 1st, Tim Seitz, Kenton; 2nd, Vernon Hites, Tiffin; 3rd, Cody Hites, Tiffin; 4th, Richard Hites, Tiffin; 5th, Dustin Wentz, Carey.

Stock, Mad Dog: 1st, James Ward, Columbus.

Compact: 1st, Kyle Branum, Massillon; 2nd, Alex Kleinfelter, Fostoria; 3rd, Logan Steele, Tiffin; 4th, Ben Kleinfelter, Fostoria.

Compact, Mad Dog: 1st, Bryan Privett, Marion.

Lawnmower: 1st, Cory Hosler, Ottawa; 2nd, Don Walter, Fostoria; 3rd, David Brewer, Sandusky.

2018 Demo Derby: Ryan Tittle.

Ohio State Tractor Pullers

Limited Pro Diesel Trucks: 1st, Adam Hallien, Wrecker; 2nd, Jordan Jackson, Billet Steel and Sex Appeal; 3rd, Rob Wright, All Attitude; 4th, Roger Straley, Razor’s Edge; 5th, Todd Gillfillan, Diehard Duramax; 6th, Zach Pickerel, Ripcord; 7th, Hunter Snyder, 300′ and Change; 8th, Trevor Lortie, Dirty Secret; 9th, Nick Gillett, Black Smoke Matters; 10th, Evan Davis, Grey Area; 11th, Mike Burton, Backwoods Evolution; 12th, Stephen McCullough, Bucket List; 13th, Evan Pearce, Diggin’ Deep; 14th, Reed Strawser, Buck It; 15th, Garrett Louchs, Unlocked; 16th, Charles Reckart, Ain’t Cheatin Yet; 17th; Brad Westbrook, Night Train; 18th, John Shriver, Thunderstruck; 19th, Greg Young; 20th, Jay Beavers, Sewer Rat; 21st, Eric Widman, Big Red.

Modifieds: 1st, Galen Barge, The Judge Next Generation; 2nd, Rick Krause, Unfinished Business; 3rd, Brad Jerew, Wild Times; 4th, Don Deane, Plumber’s Nitemare; 5th, Austin Berry, International Salvation; 6th, Walt Biggs, The Driller; 7th, Brad Harper, Double Time; 8th, Dan Schmiesing, Bionic Buzzard; 9th, Brian Reid, Blown Income; 10th, Robert Hyde, Leather and Lace; 11th, Chip Street, Wildfire; 12th, Lee Miller, Playboy 2nd Chance.

Super Modified FWD Trucks

1st, David Pearce, Stormer; 2nd, Carl O’Dell, Dirt Donkey; 3rd, Brian Withrow, The Nut Job; 4th, Steve Barker, Live Wire; 5th, Shane Kellogg, Trump; 6th, Kenny Lucas, Fantasy; 7th, Stephen Nagy, Pulling for the Cure; 8th, Mike Summers, Twisted; 9th, Zachary Egbert, Wild Ride; 10th, Kerry Unger, Overtime; 11th, Nate Baker, Nightmare; 12th, Keith Wiemkert, All Fired Up; 13th, Harmon Zink, Tasmarnian Devil; 14th, Tim Baker, Oil Money; 15th, Bill Stake Jr., Deuces Wild.

Light Limited Pro Stock Tractors

1st, Kevin Smith, Flirtin’ With Deerzastor; 2nd, Aaron Westhoefer, Disposable Income; 3rd, Luke Durbin, Forgiven; 4th, Justin Wise, Radar; 5th, Dan Parkinson, Bombardeere Reloaded; 6th, Josh Lee, Moolah Taker; 7th, Greg Kenreigh, Bad Company; 9th, Dan Gibbs, Rebel Outlaw; 10th, Tom Miller, Miller Time; 11th, Matt Durbin, Sidewinder; 11th, Travis Tilton, Always Something; 12th, Jerry Martin; 13th, Larry Fulton, Deere Money; 14th, Donald Emery, IH 1066; 15th, Dave Mandrik, Red Devil; 16th, Dennis Goodman; 17th, Jon Cronkleton, Red Dog Unleashed; 18th, Steve Smith, Eye of the Tiger.

Super Stock Tractors

1st, Keigm Parobek, My Other Dear; 2nd, Scott Cantrell, Another Dear; 3rd, Bill Keener, Bambi; 4th, Mark Metzger, Alcoholic Harvester; 5th, Scott Jerew, Ride the Lightening; 6th, Nick Battrell, Dirty Sally; 7th, Jason Irvin, Drunkin Punkin; 8th, Gary Gallimore, Road Rage Therapy; 9th, Chris Shoemaker, Cash in the Trash.

Two Wheel Drive Trucks

1st, Russell Nichols, On the Edge; 2nd, Don Williams, Out’a Control; 3rd, Chad Taylor, Blue Knight; 4th, Don Williams, Lac’a Control; 5th, Richard McPherson, Midwest Raider; 6th, Danny

Taylor, Knight Delivery; 7th, Jack Farabee, Rat Rod; 8th, Blake Widenmeyer, Smokeless; 9th, Tanner LaRue, Ultimate Desire.

Pro Stock Semis

1st, Mike Laribee, Shameless; 2nd, Dale Mitchell, Down N Out; 3rd, Gene Dunn, Armbender II; 4th, Kendra Dauer, Unleashed; 5th, Gene Dunn, Lady Butterfly; 6th, Joe Metzger; 7th, Mitch Cloudt, Rubber Duck.

Pro Stock Tractors

Bryan Deppen, Smokin Deere; 2nd, Brian Wolford, Horsin’ Around My Way; 3rd, Melvin Deppen, Deere Track Attack; 4th, John Young, Cash Explosion; 5th, John Cespedes, Fool’s Gold;

6th, Shane Parsons, Waterloo Boy.

Junior Fair

4-H Demonstrations

Individual, Junior Division: 1st, Lily Pifher, Roots and Wings; 2nd, Isabella Humphrey, Blue Ribbon Buckeyes; 3rd, Collin Meier, Dandelion Dreams. Honorable Mention: Donald Fortney, Dandelion Dreams.

Individual, Intermediate Division: 1st, Morgan Dymond, Dandelion Dreams; 2nd, Audrey Melton, Dandelion Dreams.

Individual, Senior Division: 1st, Samantha Hinton, Dandelion Dreams; 2nd, Emerald Melton, Dandelion Dreams; 3rd, Kylie Hemchak, Doggon’its; Honorable Mention: Mikayla Dymond,

Dandelion Dreams.